November 30th 2021 – Shaka: A New Light On Sasquatch Questions with Todd Standing and Ashlee Kozac


  1. When they are here on earth In their physical forms. Witch they have allowed us ” some human beings” to take pics and have sightings. How can we ” humans ” interact with the physical form?

  2. From the content of this video, it seems they are more enlightened than we are. Sounds like we were done a disservice by the extraterrestrials.

  3. So, I’m listening while driving home. I get home and Brandon’s wrapping it all up, telling the story of how the spider appeared after his contact. I take off my headphones and set them down. Beside them is a small plastic crate of miscellaneous stuff I had thrown in it for lack of a better place. Staring at me from the crate is a container of GU energy gel I used while cycling. There’s a cartoon Bigfoot carrying a giant caramel in each arm.. Thank you all for this gift. There’s a bigfoot known as the Fouke Monster in South Arkansas (USA) where I was born and raised. I was terrified of it until the movie “The Legend of Boggy Creek” showed they were creatures of love, just like us.

  4. Seems to me that spiritually-advanced master botanists who make great brews and can shape shift would make great friends right about now 🙂

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