November 6, 2021 – The War on Consciousness with Aaron Abke and Brandon Bozarth: Fake News


  1. As an Indigenous person from North America we have known about the government propaganda for centuries. The truths about what happened to us were not told, omitted from history books. The truth is finally coming out. These tactics are nothing new to us. I’m glad that many peoples are realizing these truths.

  2. corporate media is designed to make you think and feel a certain way!!!! … total mind control and manipulation… You nailed it Aaron!

  3. Is it really fear of losing one’s job holding this pandemic narrative together in the media?? Hard to imagine! What benefits did Mark Zuckerberg get for helping with censorship? Then get publicly slapped…. would make me wanna rat them out ??

  4. Fake news LOL. I stopped watching news a long time. If it’s complicated and fearful, it’s from the Ego. Spirit is simple. Faith and fear both demand you to believe in something you cannot see. You choose. Choose FAITH. Stop watching the fake news and de-programmed yourself. Love is all there is ??. Good vibes only, Nancy S

  5. Remember when journalists went to the actual sources? Now they just quote each other. “According to Fox News… CNN reported…”

  6. Substack is also a very good platform to get truth. Alex Berenson, Toby Roberts, bad cattitudes, eugyppius and steve Kirsch.

  7. I agree with a lot of what was said in this video -but can we please stop pretending that media has only recently become “worse” with this pandemic? It has always been this trickle down, create a narrative that supports the rich agenda and keeps people in fear/guilt/“us” vs “them” mentality. Not only that but many mainstream conservative news outlets are comparing covid policies (masking, vaccine, mandates) to nazis Germany. This makes me question both perspectives -perhaps they don’t care what we argue about only that we’re arguing with each other and we’re mad/fearful/divided/distracted?

    As well the whole discussion around race an hour in is a bit troubling to hear for me as an indigenous (onkwehonwe) woman. The media’s narrative when nfl players started to take the knee years ago was horrible. They were “unpatriotic” should just “shut up and play the game”, etc. only recently has this narrative shifted to slightly mention the disparity and oppression that black people at the hands of the police. And even that – the narrative is only shifted because it is shifted in the public and they see that so they have to adapt. Simply notice though how they try to direct it away from systemic issues to individual ones of “bad apples”.

  8. I think the media def needs to be held legally accountable for all of this. Since they are being backed up financially by the pharm companies and the elite, they dont care about what the market says, they dont care that their ratings are beyond abysmal

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