November 7th 2021 – Sacha Stone Live – In Search of the Tartarian Empire with Jane Evershed and Cambell Purvis from Autodidact


  1. I am so absolutely excited about this information!
    Tartaria was brought up in the last SHAKA transmission stating that timelines are shifting going backwards as well as forwards and that is why this information is being uncovered. Can anyone speak to that idea?

  2. Over the summer I had a dream that people were in a big department store with winter coats on and a woman just fell like a tree to the floor and everyone walked by her in the dream as if this was common. I felt back in June after this dream that winter would be a very eye opening and sad time for the vaxed.

  3. World Fares – Everything needed to be static when taking photographs in that era or else there would be smears across the film. How did they manage to take such high quality photos back then???

  4. Thanks again Sacha, Jane and Campbell for the insights – I agree, more pictures, we need a library to come together somewhere for all to see, look in the backgrounds of your old photos, you may find some gems 😉

  5. “The liberal intellectual class is the greatest threat against humanity today.” Said the great Sasha Stone. I’m tempted to make a meme out of this and toss it all over social media in hopes that the truth would hurt so much, it would be so offensive, that it could slap a few of them awake. Sigh, or maybe I’m the one thinking stupid refusing to believe those people are capable of unbiased logic? In any case, thank you very much to all of you involved. Fascinating series for sure.

  6. NASA has delayed the moon landing until 2026. What in the world? How does this fit into the recent activity on the moon,? Don’t we have control over it again?

  7. The Earth of which you all speak … This is the world I remember and tells why I’ve always felt I was misplaced in a humanity that was asleep to the truth of our magnificent creation. I wish to see how these starports and the huge bells were connected.

  8. Wow, no words, I m just blown away by this revealing words . Telling the excact way how history was manipulated . Rare to find actually I didn’t find it anywhere massive big huge thank you Champhel and Jane and Sacha!

  9. Thanks so much guys …….. love this format Sasha! It’s like a cosy gathering with good vibes and great conversation,
    Thank you so much ?? Taney Lee from down under

  10. Brilliant presentation/chat. I’m always looking for books to read so please, if you ever have any recommendations! Cheers from NC USA <3

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