Oct 2 2021 – The War on Consciousness : Waking up to 9/11


  1. instead of google people can use Duck Duck Go.. I wish Kent Knudsen not sure if that is the correct spelling of his name could have seen this.. he was the founder of 9-11 Truth group in phoenix az.. in 2001 ..He used to give out free DVDs on this topic ..He was suicided.. as they say ..many many years ago . Thank you Ken -HE brought Richard Gage to Phoenix and also David Ray Griffin

  2. Knowing it was staged is one thing, the amount of evidence there is right now is staggering, like the CoVert rubbish going on, I don’t understand how people can be so asleep??? Is their TV programming that hypnotizing?

  3. Very interesting ,the truth is
    heard in your words thank you Aaron & Brandon & thank yo Adam so inspired by you and what you are doing very powerful .

  4. Thank you to all three of you. ??Immense courage to speak the truth. A real eye opener…I had no idea of the overwhelming evidence. I’ve always known on a level there was a hidden agenda. Looking forward to to the Q&A.

  5. Thank you for this incredible video. I joined this platform specifically for this series. I appreciate hearing the uncensored TRUTH as I continue to wake up and expand my conscious awareness. I love how the Law of One is weaved into these videos. You guys have a gift of sharing in a nonjudgmental honest way. This video left me so sad to confirm what I already knew in my heart about 911. Thanks for shining the light of TRUTH. It feels empowering to wake up!!

  6. Guys, that was AMAZING! Thank you so much for everything you are doing here ?? I’m looking forward to the Q&A on Saturday

  7. Where are the other eps? I can’t get to anything but this? I am sorry and I am not a negative person but I can’t get to anything but this ep and then only after a lot of BS I had a HUGFE problem getting logged in as well.

    1. Nazlan Check out one of Joel’s videos (I think with Austin) with the video showing what they did with HOLOGRAPHIC images melting/disappearing into the tower, right before they set off the explosions in the building.  The same would have been done there (just for the viewers) but since video will capture and expose things, they confiscated all video from the immediate area.

  8. I have a question…Does this really help? Or does this just fuel the fires? Don’t get me wrong. I agree but I see this as a possible infringement on personally freedom. Letting the chips fall where they will… Namaste…

  9. Aaron Abke is a modern guru and I’m excited for this platform, but it’s pretty hard to navigate (using a phone). I’m sure the bugs will be worked out soon, but I’m still glad I bought a full year’s subscription!

  10. Hearing the way you (Brandon) explain how the shadow that we are all experiencing/seeing (some of us more than others…), and how this is actually the collective shadow coming from the inside of us all, is showing me that no matter how much shadow work I feel I have done…there is still more to uncover and release. I feel those of us that have chosen to awaken at this time are actually here to hold that space and to be the vessel in which this process takes place. It feels a bit uncomfortable knowing that this has to happen, but it’s all about more transmutation right? And we chose this. It’s time to really remember how brave and strong we really are. All in the name of Love & Light!

  11. So much gratitude for you three bringing the truth to light …. You are heroes ?? as we’ll as others we are just learning about !!!
    So very grateful to Conscious Vitality for creating this platform !!!
    All my favorite people are here.
    Thank You once again ❤️

  12. About halfway through and I’m watching this woman talk about all the dust. This is unbelievable, and I’m wondering before she is giving her answer is this is some kind of technology?..

  13. This really challenged my previous conceptions and beliefs , and shed light on the capabilities of this polarity. I loved the emphasis on bringing it back to ourselves and Brandon’s analogy of the towers as our senses of self. Thankyou all for your work. Really anticipating the COVID red pill episode.

  14. Wow! No words really to express what an EPIC example for the Future of Conscious Human Evolution Brandon and Aaron are here. I learned a lot about inner work just from their intro.

    It receives greater clarity on how we are/can contribute to the collective manifestation of these kinds of incidents.

    I remember when this first happened something didn’t seem right.

    The evidence editing and overall feel of this episode and series in amazing.
    I’m so grateful to be a part of this community where we can actually receive this info in this form.

    Not some hypey traditional entertainment form BUT an entertaining conscious evolution vibe.

    What we have here is really special. This community is allowing into manifestation truly next steps in our conscious evolution.

    I appreciate everyone for being here. My apologies for the existing functionality of this platform. It’s not perfect by any means. It’s simply the first iteration.

    You’ll see soon what’s coming snd the next steps. It should be faster better and easier. We couldn’t do any of it without your financial support and purchases. We’re not seeking outside funding for obvious reasons so thanks for all your support. Over the coming years this platform will help the awakening of Billions. That means something. Aaron and Brandon Rock!
    PS make sure to check out Brandon’s ShaKa show if you haven’t seen that yet. ????????????✌️✌️❤️❤️

  15. I love how Aaron connects this to our consciousness and need for internal healing. Great story and context.

  16. This video is truly a blessing. A great explanation of what I’ve always felt to be true. Adam is a true warrior. I pray his voice reaches everyone willing to open their eyes to our govt attrocities and what they are capable of.

  17. This was great, especially with the dust part. Loose change is a great documentary on 9-11 too. In 2005, it was the first piece of info. Like this that I ever got.

    I can’t wait for the federal reserve episode, I never looked too much into that, I just know it’s a big joke, and the joke is on me.

  18. Wauw….this what we may call a WAKE UP CALL !!!! Can’t thank you enough Aaron, Brandon and Adam. Keep on going and waking the world! Much love and light from The Netherlands

  19. Love the thought that this evil is the darkness to bring in the light. The contrast to make us wake up and evolve. Thank you for that. It’s inspiring and soothing.

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