October 10th 2021 – Sacha Stone LIVE with Special Guest Jane Evershed


    1. Have you tried clicking the little speaker button in the bottom left that could have a line through it when you cannot hear the video? Usually, you should just be able to click that and then it will turn the sound on ? Please lemme know if that helps. If it doesn’t you can always call our community support team during business hours and they’ll be happy to help. @Emma can also help. 
      Peace N Harmony Erai 

  1. OMG Absolutely incredible show, elegantly lifting the veil for all of us, thanks Erai and Sasha and Jane (and such a special guest River)…. and yes the muchkins at the end lol God Force Blessings to you all, thanks guys, Sacha – simply stupendous presentation man…. Namaste all

  2. When I was 15 I worked for the first weightloss place. we had a meeting at the Palmer House downtown Chicago. There was an elevator man and he took us up to the 11th floor where there was a stuffed gorilla standing outside the freemason’s lodge. inside were 8 oz jars with 3 small squeezed heads in each jar, and a room full of bull horns.

    1. I’ll second that. Evidence of larger truths inspires awe in me, and I adore being in that state. Thus I’m grateful for the plethora of them here.

  3. Thank you dear hearts … this was a wonderful event . There is so much to explore ! River was a perfect addition ?

  4. how can I solve “Stream Offline”? Finally got around to watching and that line came up against black background. Suppose its a “sentral problem”? Will try later again. Hope you’ll solve it. Always looking forward to listening to Sacha 🙂 Thank you!

  5. The bells are like the Tibetan Bowls. Which are made of 7 different metals. And so when they ring, they will resonate with us and balance us and ground us.

  6. Jane, thank you, you’ve restored my love and passion for the arts…what I’m truly here for, and to express through music, mandalas, dance…on and on. A million times, thank you!

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