October 26th 2021 – Public Intelligence with Addy Adds


  1. Hi, it’s so important to hear what is happening in the world, thank you! But, they think we are stupid, they think we don’t know what they are doing, we will not be divided by the division of Vax and unvaxed or any of the other divides.
    How do we get out of this, how do we support each other, how do we ALL say ENOUGH we’re not going to take it anymore? They think we are all stupid and fall for their division. No more discrimination, no more of your bullshit, we see through your lies. It’s so predictable. They’ve planned this so what’s not predictable? Music – a song like mockingjay or Imagine? I’ve heard that music can have Resonance that units us. Do you have a song within you or know someone who does? Thank you for the platform to let me rant lol… I think we are here to help each other stop this totalitarianism?

    1. Aaron Abke has a good video out he just made.. on you tube This is how we build a new world.. i think is the name of it..

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