October 28th 2021 – Cosmic Gaia with Laura Eisenhower: Overcoming AI and Awakening The Divine | Special Guest: Rising Phoenix Aurora


  1. Draconians came first, created slave race and left. Then Saturn limped through the cosmos on its solar rotation around two suns and had to parked here. They created a slave race using what he Draconians created. Because they did not rotate around primary sun….they lost form. Our planet hosted them mining the gold that was altered and used for Saturn and ingested by their inhabitants. The Saturn inhabitants went to war against each other. Much like the story of the biblical book of Kings. Our race has always been a slave race and held back.
    Mu and the teaching of oneness has much to do with Earths advanced civilizations. The Gnostic taught about the Archons. They are formless archetypes and they are A.I.
    Draconians and Youngest son, Babylonian Marduk, of Saturn’s royal family formed a pact for war against his own royal family.
    This is a free will planet and the Galactic Council oversees the lesson of balance.
    We are responsible for healing DNA. All our differences will be what we work out in the great reconciliation. Laura and Rising Phoenix Aurora keep up your work. Our purpose involves harmony. We all work together for salvation. To restore ourselves and others.

  2. incorruptible pure of heart.
    Beautiful beings. The children that have been sacrificed are terrified of being devoured again. These children are demons now. They have never been allowed to lament their death. Soon they will be able to.

  3. We have to rise and conduct ourselves without having to be governed. Consciousness doe not require a handler as A.I. does.

  4. I’ve been waiting for Rising Phoenix Aurora to enter this network with Laura and it was beyond perfect to experience now. This is a discussion that brings up all the mirrors, emotions and ‘demons’ of our confused minds—-so ready for the organizing energy of Aurora’s enlightened condensation of vast experiences!

  5. It’s a lot to process and some of it is completely heartbreaking. And to be awake, aware and informed is a great challenge to move through all of my emotions but to integrate and continue together to expand in to our multidimensional Divinity. This is quite a feat. Experiencing so many feeling and thoughts. Thank you ? Laura and Aurora

  6. Thank you for filtering and sharing an enormous amount of galactic wisdom in an empathic way, much of it beyond what human words can convey, yet the message came through. This was an amazing wakeup, or in my case confirmation that I have awakened (not easily or quickly, it was much painful work!)

  7. Without podcasts of Laura’s and others I would be stuck with crippling attachments which I would have thought of as ailments to be ”medicated” I am now armed further with knowledge. I am grateful. Reptillians began organic and now are riddled with AI ? I am sending blanketed merkabas of love light to all. Becareful young people substances can come with attachments. Laura I wish I could have shared a playground with you we could have whipped the snot out of our bullies together.

  8. I love you Laura and am so grateful I was connected with you through Sacha Stone!!! I feel your soul and you beauty and your heart everytime I hear you speak!! I love your honesty and btw, I go through all the ups and downs you do and it feels soooo good amd such blessing to know we are human as well as Spirit amd it’s not always comfortable to be more awakened then some of our loved ones and human family b we have each other and I always have all your backs and keep you in my prayers and Reiki treatments every day!! I love Yiu Aurora and Justin too!! Thank you for this beautiful and much needed transmission !! ????❤️?❤️????????

  9. One of the best interviews I’ve seen! So raw, so real… I so love you Laura!! keeping it so real I laughed several times because LE we share the same heart…!!! your light shines sister, no matter what!!!! rising phoenix Aurora you’re an amazing soul as well as Justin! Powerful!!!!! With Love, Pammy 🙂

  10. I got a much needed clear picture of what is occurring in our inverted matrix now. Thank you Laura and Aurora for this video. I also enjoyed Justin’s great questions.

  11. Thank you Laura! Thank you Aurora! Thank you Justin! Such a beautiful video, I cried, I laughed, I didn’t feel alone, and… I have hope in my heart. Hugs to you all!

  12. An agreement with the leaders is not an agreement with you and me. F that!
    Waiting for our space family to reveal this matrix they have fooled the population with.
    Yes, I do everything I can by spreading this information to others and by using my energies to reject their control and place a barrier between us and them…for we are all sovereign beings of God. Give me your technology with an understanding, then come before me. I am more powerful, I will send you fleeing.

  13. Laura thank you for sharing your authentic self. It’s well received and much appreciated. Thank you for doing what you feel called to do, despite what challenges or fears come your way. We appreciate you ?

  14. I am in deep appreciation of this transmission. So many layers. From the Galactic and the “Motherverse” to the human messy snot bit. Absolutely brilliant and beautiful. Rarely have I seen such an authentic conversation covering such a huge range of subjects. The 3 of you made an excellent trio: an alchemical blessing to be sure. I Am Inspired, heart open (and in that Grief/Gratitude swing dance ) and very very alive. So much LOVE to you all!!

    1. Thank ou so much ~Laura . You are so loved and I love you too . I also love your hair. 🙂 You are a beautiful being inside out. Never forget that. Thanks also to Aurora such a beautiful person and to the gentleman. I have not idea why my comment is coming by letters and not in one sentence. Love to all of you . We will make it and all will be good at the end

      1. Forgot to say something . In March 2020 I felt the virus attacking me in form of a being.. same as Aurora was describing it .

  15. Is there going to be an edited version of this so we can listen to the important message from Aurora? This is painful to watch.

  16. I really want to hear Aurora explain the hybrid progeny. With all love and respect, I would like you to let your guest speak freely.

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