October 9, 2021 – The War on Consciousness with Aaron Abke and Brandon Bozarth: LIVE Q&A Waking up to 9/11


  1. I was finally able to watch this today!! Excited for the next episode. Love the passion in all of you. Especially you Adam with the 9/11 stuff!

    Brandon your words about the path of least resistance for mask wearing was perfect timing for me today. I had a whole convo with myself about how I wasn’t going to wear one in the doctors office this morning if they asked, and as soon as she handed me one I changed my mind. It was the path of least resistance in that moment for sure. ?

  2. Thank you thank you thank you! The lovely Aaron brought me here. I just want to show my appreciation and gratitude to you wonderful human beings. This site is a blessing and this show is a gift. Love you guys! You got my vote Adam

  3. i think your next show is on operation paperclip.. i had read the Nazis added fluoride to water in the camps to make people more easily controllable.. wonder if that was the year they started adding fluoride to our water.. Also it ruins teeth. i just got my husband to stop getting fluoride treatments on his teeth.. FINALLY haha not sure where to post a question for the next show..

  4. Guys hasn’t he seen the holographic film before the bombs inside the tower went off? Not a single thing makes sense, steel turning to dust falling down etc. clearly detonated explosives used and microwave energy weapons!

  5. Thanks guys, another great explanation. Loving the message of being true to yourself and trusting your own instinct.
    I’m intrigued to find out how you can access the live Q&A show as I always catch it afterwards. I’m based in the UK so when and how can I access the next live Q&A?

  6. Please explore the world of cryptocurrency vs CBDCs(central bank digital currency). Very important topic to integrate into the solution. And it’s decentralized enough to actually take hold and unable to be shut down.

  7. I have a question, does everyone see the comments in a long narrow collum? This is difficult to read and weird to say the least. LOL! Anyone see the same thing?

  8. In the video it was discerned that there was no plane at the Pentagon. (I’ve been saying that for years) BUT they they interviewed a policeman who said he say a plane coming in at an angle that wouldn’t be the angle needed to hit the buildning. BUT I thought there was NO plane. Can anyone explain what I may have missed here? Thank you.

  9. Love this.

    I have a question about the plane that hit the Pentagon. Are you saying that a plane never hit the building? If it didn’t hit the building then where did it go? What happened to Flight 77?

  10. Thank you very much ..
    New World Order is directed energy weapons control order !
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    The evil entity used directed energy weapons to do 9 11 terrorism and the evil entity using directed energy weapons to enslave humanity and spy on them by taping the people brains with directed energy weapons and read every single neurons in the brain and body to visualize everything on their supercomputer screen !!!

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