Plandemic Interview Part 2 – FULL


  1. I saw YouTube banned this. So I HAD to come watch. But there name alone was going to get ya flagged guys??
    “Real” IDs are mandatory in NYC and we all have until October of 2023 to get them. There’s two, the “real” and a separate one that replaces passports. Before the vaccines came out John Hopkins had already published a paper on how to get everyone vaccinated. Focusing a lot on people of color and those who don’t want to do it. They are following it point by point.

    This is definetly an abusive relationship between the people and the government and we definetly have Stockholm syndrome. People are afraid to look inside were so scared of what well find of we look too close. It’s as if when we see who we really are, someone is going to say we’re a bad human or weirdo or worse, crazy. To think or decide for themselves has been removed for generations. We have to completely de program our brains. It’s not just us but people in power are waking up too. So we have people on the inside.
    We have to just do the shadow work which is hard, and step into the Christ consciousness

  2. Thank you! When I went to watch this on YouTube last night it had been taken down for violating the “community guidelines”. I did a little digging to try and find out what would be a violation because I didn’t believe that Aaron would post anything that would be offensive or violate anything. So I decided to join here and see for myself. It is Unbelievable to me that this informational video would be flagged for violating anything at all. Again, Thank You all for bringing these things to light and helping to wake more and more of us up to our divinity and oneness! Much love and light! ?

  3. How can Fauci believe he is doing the right thing and saving the world? Maybe the right thing for his wealth, fame and power, or maybe for a eugenics agenda. What do you guys think of Janet Ossebaard’s fall of the cabal and sequel series on bitchute?

    1. Fall of the Cabal was an amazing view and I think Fauci has a God complex and thinks he’s so above everyone. He is devoid of conscience.

  4. Thanks Aaron for that explanation when you said you point out problems in the world just as you point out problems in the mind.. I have had my communication cut by family and friends who say dont talk about vaccines etc.. and well i have felt guilty – ego loves that of course I hope the result eventually is that people will stop believing television or worshiping medical doctors.. My pet peeve is mask wearing anyway like to listen to people who agree..

  5. Great video exposing what LOVE is not! That’s why we are All here incarnated in this specific time of history, to bring and express what LOVE is about. It’s NOT about prohibiting…nor coercing….nor lying ..nor repressing. It’s about vibrating in a higher frequency so that we help the Planet to pass to a higher vibrational state. Harvest is now and all those 3rd dimensional beings who are not vibrating in LOVE will incarnate in another 3D planet to continue their spiritual path.
    As the Masters did in the past, WE as part of the ONE, came here to play our role in this specific drama. WE, who are the ONE. Thank you Aaron

  6. You touched on the idea that people staying home, collecting government checks, and not going out to work jobs is an entirely bad thing. However, doesn’t this then allow people more time to themselves to think deeply, create art, be innovators? I think it’s great that people aren’t strapped to their nine to five jobs anymore. I think that it will do great things for humanity, allowing them to have more freedom and time for self-discovery.

  7. I have a question – can Aaron and Brandon tell us their experiences getting CV19 and what did they do to recover?

  8. ive been trying to find the film plandemic and im not able to find it in video context, im not able to watch it. just a trailer and nothing else. where can i watch this movie?

  9. Thanks for doing your work. It is so helpful to know that I am not crazy . We want Jesus to do the work so we don’t have to. So not the way it works. Lol

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