SECRET SPACE FORCE : Elon Musk with Peter the Insider & Jessica Marocco


  1. Hate to have to mention this but Tesla builds non-carbon FREE energy plants, fact that we already have BAD coal and oil burning electricity generating plants is the problem, not what’s been designed and started being built for the planet’s clean energy delivery. If ALL bad energy plants were decommissioned and a crisis caused us to find better ways, they would be found quickly – no contest. Elite scum would be the only losers here. Someone pushing FOSSIL powered cars I think CAN be disregarded! MY OPINION and GUT feeling. I’d seriously be interested in Jessica’s feelings on this also.

    1. YES!! Thank you for your two cents, I agree…and I could add on a significant amount of more info on that, too. Education is power these days.

  2. Watch the Thrive II movie. Toward the end of the movie, there is a guy in India that is making the free energy technology like the Tesla tower.

    1. Hey Grant bro, hoping you’re not on a phone, but try clearing your cache if on PC, alternatively try Ctrl-Alt-Delete and right clicking stuff in that list and “END PROCESS TREE”, this may help (you’ll maybe have issues closing some stuff down and crash the computer but in the end you’ll know what NOT to close)… if on a phone I am clueless – sorry 😉 I’m a computer tech and programmer, guess I need an update LOL

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