Secret Space Force: Holographic Reality


  1. I am having a problem, with person claims of involvement with USSF, I BEGAN INTERESTED BECAUSE HIS AGE FITS THE SUBJECT TIME FRAME, AT 13, ONLY 24 TEENS of males and females were chosen, and he has not said anything I can back him up on, all said was public knowledge, mixed with no-sence.
    I mean no disrespect, but real GHOST want anyone aware of the hidden truth, but he has nothing of value the share at a most urgent time as now. I can not sit in his place, for the sake of real others shielded IDs, but hope some one else could speak for US……….

  2. I think many people probably sense the same as me. I have felt for many years that our brains are computers & we are living in a hologram. Totally resonated with the Truman show, etc. I’m as ready as I can be for what’s to be revealed. Though, believe still will experience some discombobulation. The biggest shock to recover from, though, would be to realize that this body of mine is not real. Yikes

  3. My gut told me 911 was just exactly what you are saying it was. Actually, The Holy Spirit gave the truth to me. The cabal’s evil plans are being revealed❤️??❤️

  4. Thank you so much! I had no idea that they were disguising aircraft so they can spray us with their chem-trails! I knew about 9/11, though! I hope others wake up to that fact, too! Thanks again for this video!! ^_^ <3

  5. Although I very much appreciate this interview, Anthony seems really stressed, with the deep forehead lines. Continuous ahs and and repetitious “but/and ums” indicate that he needs some sleep! Really hard watching him struggle to keep his eyes open.

  6. very insightful information. good to havw this knowledge on board to be able to discern what is for real and what is just a holographic projection.

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