September 12th 2021 – Sacha Stone Live with Quantum Conversations


  1. Sacha my love and gratitud for this powerful message blessing light for you.Thank you…….From: Tijuana B.C.Mex.

  2. This was absolutely wonderful!
    My deepest gratitude for Sacha and all involved with Conscious Vitality !
    Extremely helpful information presented in such pleasurable way! Thank you thank you thank you….

  3. That was a wonderful joy to experience as I made chipotle salsa from my garden. I have watched perhaps every interview Sacha has done since March of 2020 and am a Lazarus Initiative member. He always amazes me with his ever expanding comfort and details to understand the process of the bifurcation and the awakening of humanity from the dream spell .. I so appreciate this new show and the work of Conscious Vitality. ??☮️??

  4. You are all so amazing.
    This was an incredible interview with Sasha; who in my eyes is a true KING.
    Thank you and bless you all.
    Veronique xo

  5. Hi from Australia
    I have to ask.. the dark forces have tried over the years to dull us down in many ways. We had huge drought 4 years ago which broke many (cloud seed)
    Followed by severe bush fires ( which followed the path of intended high speed rail, Brisbane to Melbourne) Then floods. Our people were all but broken , then we were hit with the BS! Scandemic! I suspect they thought we would bend over and take it , but we have fight yet! They underestimated us!
    We look at them doing what they do, our eyes are wide open, we ask the goddam questions and they pretend we are not here!! I nurture my hologram and it does me well, but I know they can see me , wtf How far will they go?

  6. Wonderful, thank you. One thing though, I am confused about not setting boundaries. I feel I must be misunderstanding; do we not set boundaries when we feel we are being violated, taken advantage of or used by another human or indeed an Authority? Sacha’s comments too about judging puzzled me; are we not rightly ‘judging’ those evil persons that are causing harm to us all (eg; Fauci)? Help! ??

  7. Incredible!!!! I’m humbled and blissed, feel my consciousness raised 10 fold just listening and letting the wisdom saturate my being.

  8. Thank you for this wonderful Episode! I am a member of the Lazarus Initiative as well, I have watched the symposiums twice already! They are incredibly informative ! I’m at this point taking care of my parents whom live with me and can’t join the retreat. Thank you for taping the events!

  9. WOW! I’ve heard Sacha’s name for years, but it was great to actually hear him talk and explain things here. Thanks Sacha. Aho!

  10. Absolutely amazing interview, a great great great discovery this enlightened being acting has Sasha Stone! Much gratitude! Love, light and awakeing to us all! peace!

  11. Thank you for enlightening us, dear Sacha! I have a question related to 3D reality and politics. While you were on Arise USA Tour , you were in Las Vegas with Scott McKay and Joey Gilbert. WE hope he could fight on behalf of people of Nevada with globalists-satanist. Would you be able to come to Nevada for a support of Joey before June, 2022?

  12. Sacha, Erai, thank you both so much for furthering our enlightening today. So much is dependant on frequencies now as we move forward, now the balance is tipping our way and the hijacking attempts will fail – ultimately. New Earth and the Bliss therein will indeed be wonderful. I’m sure Nature herself will have something to do with our “Resurrection” so to speak, so Sacha what can we do to help here? I’m thinking about things like the Bees, which MUST be saved from this 5G crap destroying their guidance systems. They purify plants, GMO or not into pure and I believe safe Honey for our use, and may be vital to future health and well being, along with sun and oxygen exposure and filtered clean rainwater. Thoughts?

  13. As a 2 and 3 year old I told my parents the moon watched us, I use to hide from it. I remember a time when it was not there in the sky. Early on I was onto the moon…

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