September 14th 2021 – Quantum Shift with Clayton Thomas


  1. This was amazing. I’ve always had reasons to be skeptical about doctors. I have a very good intuition. I have also battled a lot of sickness which I chose my own remedy’s to cure. After my battle with stage 3 cancer . Doctors told me if I didn’t take cemo that I would die . But it didn’t make sense to me . I lost many of my family to the c and cemo never helped. That 6 yr ago and when I went in to surgery to have a foot of my colon removed the drs asked me what I did and I said I did my own research . Why. He said cause you timer shrank from 11 cm to 4 cm in just two weeks how did you do that . I said I drank lemons water with flax seed every morning and took and made me a tumric with a pinch of pepper and a drop of olive oil everyday. Changed my food intake and cut out sugar. I am a very aware person . But at the end of my hospital stay they asked me was I going to set up my cemo treatments I said no I think what I got going on is working for me. He said then within a year you’ll die. I said if that’s gods will then it was me too for me that way but gods has more purpose for me and him and I are the only ones in charge of myself. I walked had the same argument with family dr. So now I just try and stay healthy. But I am so grateful I found you guys and total love your system. Thank you both from the bottom of my heart.

  2. Whew! Lots of details that get delivered in multi-layers intertwining to a swirling smoothie — keeping positive posture while explaining the ranges of deception is a fine artform.

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