September 16th 2021 – Cosmic Gaia with Laura Eisenhower: Moving Forward in Times of Crisis Featuring Tony Rodrigues


  1. Idk what it is about Tony but not only do his eyes can captivate you, his energy is so pure, loving & humble ? Id make him my bestie if he lived near me lol. Seriously…it’s the friendly low key vibe ???? Laura of course your awesome sauce too ?

  2. I heard they called Hitler Rothschilds, Walt Disney Rothschilds and his CEO, looks exactly like H.R.’s Officer… we literally live on Planet Hollywood, scripted Gematria Project Mockingbird…. Can’t wait for EBS????

  3. Laura, I really appreciate the work you are doing, you’re the reason I got on this platform to check it out. Always great interviews w. great people.

  4. All you guys have books coming out at the same time!!! You have overwhelming truth and kindness pouring off the screen. I love you both. Please dont spread yourselves to thin we need you healthy. I love you both!!!

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