September 26th 2021 – Sacha Stone Live with Special Guest Dr. Robert O Young


  1. Thank you all. I would like to understand more about the statement that humans who have undergone genetic alteration via the ‘vax’ are no longer considered ‘human’ and thus would
    not be protected under Human Rights Legislation. I have read the document detailing the Court’s ruling regarding the patenting of cDNA technology, but haven’t seen any actual documents that confirm that a human who under goes this therapy is also patented. ?

  2. Great presentation Sacha, crystal clear information from Dr Young.
    Blessings to ALL from Heaven and Earth Sanctuary, Costa Rica home of The Lightworkers Institute.

  3. Thank you so much, all of you. for this riveting, highly informative and inspiring presentation. All my unvaxxed friends will be hearing all about baking soda!

  4. this info cannot be understated and I have been following dr young’s protocols for months now! ty Sacha and Robert

  5. The head of the Mormon church is advocating the shot. I have heard of people that have gotten the injection because of this. The Pope has also condoned this. The Utah governor is advocating it. So many have been corrupted. I might lose my job. I trust that God will see us through.

    1. My job might ask me to instead of jab to get weekly tests and that is a no due to chemicals involved in that as well. I know how hard it is and it is meant to be hard on us. The light shall prevail.

  6. What a fantastic show Sacha, and thanks to your guests, most especially Dr. Young, such immensely valuable information my friend, for the (sadly) vaccinated as well as the rest of us. This cleansing may save lives here…. let’s hope so. I’m guessing Sacha that pine needle oil will be available in the tea made with the leaves (which I have been drinking to avoid shedders.) So glad to hear this breaks down the parasite’s bodies present in the vaccines that are said to attack the brain.

  7. Wonderful information thank you Sachs and Dr Robert. Some of us have children that against our wishes got the jab. It is so hard as a parent of a young adult to see our kids fall for the lies. The Alkaline info alone is so important and more. Thank you for your knowledge and kindness. Blessings to all.

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