September 7th 2021 – Self Mastery with Brandon Bozarth: There is No “They”


  1. I have just spent a couple of days feeling “I’m sick of trying to help (awaken) people over almost the past 2 years, it’s taking over my life force and existence”…. I’m at the point where I want to tell helpful people “OK thanks for all your help with ‘the situation’. Please don’t update me any more, I don’t comply anyway so unless it’s really critical I’ve awoken my share of lions from the sheep and inside my being I need to take a break and rest from this. It’s destroying my own personal calm reality. I’m pretty much done making my body age faster. Done feeling bad whenever social is ON.” Anyway, if we refuse to believe “they” ‘evil’ exist then “they” will not have any influence on us…. otherwise… they, the blue pill takers can be encouraged ‘inside the consciousness field’ to take the red pill by just ‘believing they all are doing it.’  Great session Brandon

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