The War on Consciousness: Unplug from the Matrix


  1. Thank you guys so much for this. So excited to see content like this on a free platform and I can’t wait for more episodes. All is one, thank you ?

  2. Such a fantastic discussion! This is such needed information. I appreciate you, Aaron and Brandon for bringing this to light and encourage us to do our parts in not participating in path of self service, but participate in unity. I look forward to hearing additional series.

  3. Excellent. Very helpful to learn how to transform triggers from corruption with self-inquiry. Really impactful data and profound quotes shared. Feeling very grateful for this site – huge thanks to its creators.

  4. Aaron and Brandon, thank you so very much. I have been a grateful follower of Aaron’s YouTube channel for over a year, and have benefitted mightily from it. I openly admit that I was suddenly skeptical when the conversation came up about this collaboration and the shift to the CV platform. I finally gave in today after seeing the trailer for this episode. And so help me God, I’m so glad that I did. This episode alone was so sobering, so clarifying, and so eloquently expressed. Thanks to you all, I’ve left this viewing ready to start contributing positively to this critically necessary global shift. Thank you, thank you, thank you. God bless you both.

  5. A most powerful video. Thank you. ♥️ The light has come. I have forgiven the world. The light has come. I have forgiven myself.

  6. You both synergize together in a way where 1 + 1 = 10

    The result for me is this has quickly become my new favorite series. I loved it all and I’ll be going through the section on the pharmaceutical cartel to take notes on the stats and studies and criminal fines, lobby money spent, etc. Well done the sound healing in the background made it so much better for me than if it wasn’t included. Thank you thank you!

  7. Great show! So looking forward to the next episode. I have done a lot of research on these topics, and am aware of what is going on. But to analyze it in such a proactive context gives me great hope.

  8. Really enjoyed this discussion. So many important concepts and truths brought forward! I appreciate the goal to bring truth and information full circle to effect change within and thus without!

  9. Congratulations! Absolutely amazing work. I just love your eloquence and poise and the unbiased and detached way in which you two present these very sensitive subjects. ???

  10. Thank you Aaron and Brandon. Very clear and well spoken, I concur. I look forward to practical application advice in this must view series.

  11. Loved this, thank you for stepping up to put this out there. The timing is perfect as always, even a few months ago I was totally in a state of bypassing so much of what was going on in my life and the world, but thanks to Aaron’s ACIM course (LTC) I’ve come to a place where I have the courage and willingness to look at the shadows. I no longer see myself as a victim, but feel honored to be a vessel for healing the collective and returning back to God consciousness.

    Also thank you to CV for coming forth with a censorship-free platform!

  12. This video was easy to follow and explained quite clearly what is happening in the world from a spiritual standpoint. I’m glad to see Aaron Abke evolve spiritually as a teacher. As a girl in her mid 20s it’s also nice to see a conscious young male in such an awakened state. Good thing he’s working on the ego because there are so many nice comments coming on the way. ?

  13. Great presentation guys, cheers. I have a question. To what extend can the negative polarity force you? My understanding is that it can manipulate you to a degree where you can’t experience free will. Although free will, choice, is always there. But when you are physically forced, how is that in relationship with free will? Greetings from the Netherlands ?? ✌

  14. Thank you Aaron And Brandon this has shed some light and you guys truly explain this in way that helps the understanding of your content. I look forward to more of your episodes. Love & Light

  15. Fantastic presentation and mind-blowing information. I very much appreciate you both and feel much gratitude. It is so good to be reminded that: ‘Let it being with me’ is forever the Truth.

  16. Thank you very much. Really looking forward to the next episode. A wonderful teaching tool using world events to dive deeper into the meaning of ACIM.

  17. This series is excellent!! Finding remnants of service to self within. Bringing gentle awareness to it. Conscious breathing, movement, a little journaling, more breathing. Integration is actually delicious!

  18. Oh wow, this is an excellent video. And hearing you bring up terrain theory made me smile. But wait till you learn of German New Medicine (GNM). Meanwhile, loving this series already. It could not be more perfectly timed for me either. Thank you <3

  19. Awesome series guys and the way the content is presented is outstanding. This is how this subject should be delivered – No scare tactics, just honest information allowing viewers to use the information for self enquiry and self development. Keep up the great work, looking forward to upcoming episodes.

  20. This is EXCELLENT. I cancelled my Netflix subscription and am supporting this channel instead. God Bless all of you from Yellowknife, NT, Canada

  21. Very nice presentation.
    29:50 Speaking a hard truth. All profitable investments are tied to the controlling business entities.

  22. Wonderful episode.. i have a few suggestions. For those interested in free energy watch Thrive II — some free energy scientists have been suppressed or killed.. But there are some working secretly. Thrive I goes into banking.. i suppose most have seen them .both.. Ford made tanks for both sides during world War II Those interested in Kennedy read ME and Lee .. Lee Harvey Oswald was a CIA agent who was framed.. Kennedy had fired the head of the CIA and didn’t want to go along with industrial military complex .. . There is also a famous speech of him warning of secret societies on You tube.. Architects for 9-11 Truth started by Richard Gage has info on 9-11 Ed Asner who just passed away was supportive of 9-11 Truth.. Also interesting to me David Ray Griffin who has written the most books on 9-11 Was a Christian author before 9-11.. Black Rock and VAnguard are the top stock holders of not only Pfizer and moderna but also CNN and other media outlets. Also wonder if you two want to do a show about the anti vaccine doctors murdered since 2015 starting with Dr Bradstreet.. i also remember during his presidential run Bernie SAnders said we live in a corporatocracy.. never heard plutocracy.. same i suppose.. anyway makes sense .. thanks for your show..

  23. Thank you Aaron & Brandon! Wow your 1st episode left me speechless. I joined this platform specifically to watch this series … you went above and beyond my expectation. Thank you for sharing THE TRUTH in a clear, nonjudgmental way!

  24. I have been here several times trying to activate this video with no success. I have sent a screenshot. Looking forward to being able to watch, learn and interact. ThankU!

  25. I really enjoyed this content and am grateful for a platform like this. I definitely can relate to being triggered at times by the corruption I am observing . I live in Australia and am seeing an increase in the presence of law enforcement , military , mandatory vaccination for certain businesses etc. Thanks for reminding me of the capacity we truly have to change our perception , do our own shadow work , and create alternatives that are ethical and come from a place of love and service.?❤️

  26. Thank you for your commitment to supporting our collective shift in consciousness… our awakening… God bless us all… xoxo ???

  27. i think Aaron had mentioned that he had a letter for religious exemption and would send to members. maybe im not a member i dont think i got it.. i did look at peggy hall website and probably could get one there.. wondering if i am a member or not.. well my husband had just been notified he will need a shot by oct 8 .. i dont think he has to in Arizona but well he will get one most likely.. thanks.

  28. Have been wondering for a while why Aaron didn’t address this on youtube and whether he was too zen for this. this is a wonderfully practical way to bring this back home to me and every man and woman.

  29. absolutely amazing eye opening content. Ive been following you Aaron since 2018 and growing myself along with your youtube channel. thanks for introducing me to Brandon. absolutely brilliant the two of you and you speak truth with authenticity. you are doing gods work

  30. Incredibly informative and incredibly freeing to be given all the confirmation for the beliefs that until now only my intuition held up. Much Love to you both for having the courage to shine the light on the darkness outside of us and also within.

  31. Thanks for this. Much as I share some of your non – dualist views, I was not impressed by the thinly veiled anti vax agenda here. If you’re going to claim that someone created a pandemic could you please provide some evidence?

  32. So great~full for this work you both do, being able to see the polarization and transcend through it to come out the other side is really what HUmanity needs right now!

  33. Aaron can you do some Law of One videos specifically on the second book? I’m currently reading the 2nd book and I find its more difficult to understand and navigate than the first one

  34. A few minutes into it it goes black and says “stream offline”. very disappointed with this site so far. It has amazing content but I’ve been having a lot of issues locating and loading videos.

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