1. Thanks Lunarah!!! Glad to have you here!! 🙂 You have no idea how happy it makes Kyleigha and I to connect to fellow LightWarriors Like you. This is a dream in the making. And seeing our community grow is The Best Ever!! Peace N Harmony

  1. Hi Erai,

    If I want to watch Sacha Live today, do I just click Live2 and it will come up when the starting time comes? Or do I need to go some place or click something? Thank you for the great content!!

  2. Thank you Joined because you have a course with Aaron Abke.. I am a conspiracy theorist.. And i think you also have Del Bigtrees Show not sure about that but also another person i really love. Thanks roslyn

  3. This is awesome!! I’ve been searching for my conscious family; those with whom I can share freely. Thanks so much for including me in your community! ❤

  4. Glad to be here for Aaron A class I have watched all his tube videos love his mind science he is great has a great mind to share

  5. I’m so happy to be here…I feel like a child in a Candy store …Thank you so much for having me ? I’m Grateful ?for You ,for Us ?

  6. Thank you Erai for this beautiful initiative and thank you for telling the world about NANO SOMA; that’s what made me decide to join you. And I never joined any social network until now!

    Keep stepping my friend, we are walking in the right direction.

    Love from Monique

  7. My appreciation and love to Erai and Kyleaigha for creating Conscious Vitality community, for having great interviews and putting together great information that will help us to increase our awareness and awakening process.

  8. Thank you kindly to you both for the sponsorship . I’m excited for the community you’ve gathered together. Deep peace and infinite love in the eternal now unfolding in majestic ways??

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