Zadkiel Coin – Conscious Vitality Cryptocurrency Presentation with Erai Beckmann


  1. Finally understand how this crypto coin thing works. Thank you Erai for taking the time to explain it in everyday terms.

  2. For clarification, Conscious Vitality isn’t its own blockchain, but is a BEP-20 utility token on Binance Smart Chain. Is this correct? Binance is, arguably, the most centralized platform. All validators are ran by Binance, a centralized exchange incorporated in the Cayman Islands, but owned by China. Erai spoke on how Ethereum and Bitcoin are controlled, and I agree to a degree, but Binance is no different.

    1. Hi Jesse! Not our own Blockchain correct. Most of our coin and wallet have been built on the most open-source code we’re aware of HyperLedger.

      We’ve integrated our coin with the Binance Wallet, which is what you saw in the video as well already. It’s NOT what you’ve written only a BEP utility token. However, it’s registered within Binance as a utility token yes. That way the Binance wallet can receive the coin etc. And those that use that wallet can use their Zadkiel coin.

      However, we have our own wallet, built from scratch, on Hyperledger. However in order to make that wallet and our coin compatible on the most volume/ trafficked exchanges and wallets it’s my understanding we’ve built additional “fusions” of code allowing the compatibility. Depending on the wallet exchange, those additional “fusions” could be with Tron (China for sure) ETH & BTC. Hope this helps answer your question. I’m NOT the developer, however I’ve been involved in the discussions and this is my understanding. If/ when there are further details needed lemme know. Thanks for the comment.

      1. Erai, I am extremely grateful for your detailed response! Sending love your way! This is definitely an interesting approach. With the code being built on Hyper Ledger, I would just add that Hedera Hashgraph maybe something to look into, as far as “plugging into” a blockchain for security, transaction ordering, payment finality, consensus, etc. They have the industry standard in security (Asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerant), currently process more daily transactions than any public ledger, and they are already integrated with Hyper Ledger. I’m not a developer, but I do know that, with Conscious Vitality already being a revenue generating business, scaling properly is a must, and knowing the upfront cost of all transactions on the Conscious Vitality network is essential. These are very exciting times! Thanks for all that you do!

        1. Also wondering if ZDKL is net inflationary or deflationary. Coins are burned, but can new coins be minted, who/how are the coins minted?

          1. Great question. This is something that I’ve always found interesting within crypto. Ultimately the burning as far as I understand should be deflationary, and ultimately after the first 100MM we’ve minted, we’ll watch the global usage, trading etc and with full transparency publicly we’ll of course mint more as usage goes up on a schedule that meets the market with its usage demands.

            At the time of minting more traditionally if we were talking stock market snd not crypto that could historically lessen the value of a stock temporarily. However with a crypto token that’s not necessarily the same economic application that’s seen in the market.

            Or if the usage is so much that more coins are minted this doesn’t by law or theoretically lessen the value. Rather using Doge as an example these guys are minting Billions sometimes weekly and look what’s happening.

            In fact furthering that particular coin example I’m still not clear on what objective underlying value that coin has at all, BUT subjectively when Reddit shares millions of the dog photo memes and Elon tweets people are in as they know the power of collective promotion and resulting group action to profit from the ride up.

            So similarly ZDKL as it’s usage increases will eventually need to mint more as global market usage/ demand increases.

            Of course by the point this is ever needed the global markets will be in tremendous support of it, and will understand this is only happening to support the immense rising global usage/ demand, and I’m sure this will only be a good thing.

            This isn’t an answer as much as my opinion and personal observation with what I’ve seen happen thus far with Crypto.

            Obviously none of the previous economic “laws/rules” traditionally have applied to what we’ve seen in crypto.

            So buckle up it’s going to be an interesting ride ??????✌️✌️❤️❤️

        2. Yes @Jesse I’m familiar with HH. I purchased it on the first day and was working with the group that did their branding marketing. I’ll add that to the list. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’m not a developer either. These are just my understandings of course. I’m grateful however for the team the divine has sent to us for Conscious Vitality as their as Badass as it gets. Stay Tuned ??.

  3. I am confused about who is a “content creator”. You said Laura E was the first one but Brandon has had his show on before her show started. Isn’t Brandon considered a content creator?

    1. Yes Diane! You’re right! I stand corrected. In my mind I was think “Major” creators. Brandon’s still growing and was a friend of ours prior to Conscious Vitality. So he completely understood that we’re an emergent platform that will learn. Laura was the first major influencer where we really wanted to make sure we had all of our stuff together BEFORE onboarding one to make sure with integrity we fulfilled all of our commitments to her audience and work. Peace N Harmony

  4. OH WOW! You explained this so well to the point that I’m already saving for zadkiel coins ?!!! Thank you for all your hard work !

  5. I feel very strongly that we have been blocked from effective natural healing methods, free energy, and the evolution of our consciousness.

  6. wow so empowering, loved it Erai, I am a total newbie to crypto which is why I arrived to this video. I have been listening to crypto stuff for a while but is too scared to start. Now I also know why I will come back to CV, I am a member and found out about CV though Sacha Stone and Laura and come back here to watch, but not enough, this will change now. But good grief I am 70 and “woke” up reasonably and am trying to catch up with so much new stuff, it is extremely overwhelming. Thank you, need a beginner course on crypto here. One of my first crypto to buy will be Zdkl coin. Freedom. We have arrived.

  7. Yes I also have been wondering how the crypto currency worked. Great information. Thank you Erai. You guys at Conscious Vitality are amazing!

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