WAR OF THE GIANTS – Covid19 Unveiled


There have been many Westerners asking me whether it’s true or not that the numbers of infected people in China have dropped. Of course nothing dropped at all.

The numbers will most likely even increase over the next weeks but if you know China and understand how the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) functions, then you can be certain that we are now entering phase 2 of their disinformation game.What I’d like people to understand is that the “U.S. – China War” is far from over.  We’re right in the middle of it.

Everything that has happened the past 12-24 months on a global scale is connected. You may call it the “Battle of the Giants”. The Hong Kong protests were a first big hit to dismantle the CCP. The Covid-19 bio-attack is another one to rattle the CCP from within their own country, giving fuel for doubts among Chinese citizens that blame the CCP for the millions of deaths that were not even officially reported back to the West, which could have prevented the outbreak of a pandemic.

Hence, it’s important that you read my above article on the engineered virus in which I put together some solid facts that play a very big role in this game and the aftermath we’re about to face the next weeks, months and even years because the financial crisis is coming, the EU crisis is coming (big times), and EVENT XXX will happen in the very near future as well.

More than 15 years ago, I heard the first time about “The Kabal“, also known through mainstream media as the N.W.O. (New World Order). Now, we can call this small elite of billionaires what we want, fact is, they were always aiming for the establishment of the legendary 3 columns”:

The United States of America

The European Union

The Democratic China

These 3 columns would guarantee an unlimited global power without any restrictions “for them”. Before Chinese president Xi Jinping announced his lifelong leadership, there was actually some hope for the Kabal to form China step-by-step into a democratic country.

With president Xi, however, all these dreams were shattered within the blink of an eye. Hence, the goal now is more than ever to ruin the CCP from within because only the Chinese people themselves will be able to make that drastic change and go against their own government to demand that Xi Jinping steps down as president and the CCP must be reformed into a democratic parliament.

Well, what can I say, Westerners simply don’t get China or Chinese culture. It will most likely take two more generations until China will adapt and become as democratic as the U.S. or Europe. It won’t happen in our life-time. That’s for sure.So, what is my point, you might ask yourself?

My point is that there is no good or bad guy in this War of the Giants. It’s all a matter of “angle”, “survival” and “keeping power”.

It’s more or less a game of strategy. And China’s strategy and response to U.S. attacks has always been a very long breath by keeping two faces, just like the ones we know from the Sichuan opera. 

However, it is important that each one of us uses the internet to do their own research and educate oneself on non-mainstream platforms about globalism, foreign affairs and finance. Knowledge is power. And we all need more knowledge in order to look right through staged events such as the pandemic or the aftermath that is about to hit soon.That being said, and while you’re in quarantine, check out the following videos to widen your horizon.

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