Boyd Swinburn, an Australian professor and longtime member of WHO’s nutrition advisory committees, said: 

WHO is getting hijacked. They’re cash-strapped, and they’re bringing the private sector in. That’s very dangerous.

Proven fact is that the WHO, in collaboration with the private sector, must have planned Covid-19, just as they did with all other pandemics before. In order to declare a global pandemic, you must hit a high number of infected people over at least two WHO countries for phase 5 and an additional country outside the WHO region for phase 6, in other words, you need it widespread. But it wasn’t always like this. The original rule stated that people had to actually die in big numbers before a phase 5-6 emergency protocol could be enforced on a global scale and therefore take away human rights by dictating even negative tested people to stay at home and imposing a fine if they should go outside.

That in mind, nowadays, you simply have to orchestrate a rapidly rising number of “infected” (not dead) people in a short period of time, spreading over two or more countries, to have the WHO declare a global pandemic and therefore keep word to their contracts with the pharma industry which needs to make big money every 5-10 years with their introduction of a new vaccine for a newly engineered virus.It would be an easy game for the WHO or any of their collaborators in the U.S. to spin their fake story before the outbreak and calculate exactly where it would be most efficient to hit first.

From personal experience in China, I know that there have been CIA agents over the past years walking the streets and posing as either Chinese language students or foreign language teachers. No big secret in China at all. Even I was monitored for more than 2 years to make sure I’m not one of them (even though I don’t have an American passport).

Hence, choosing Wuhan for the outbreak was a smart choice. First of all, because it’s located in the center of China and leads into all directions. That’s a very important fact, considering the time of the outbreak was right before Chinese New Year. Meaning, all workers, students and other people with their families residing in rural areas outside of Wuhan or even other cities, carried the virus throughout China while returning to their loved ones for the holidays. There was no chance that the virus will be taken seriously because it was also flu season.

Second, according to Steve Bannon, the CIA and the WHO knew that Wuhan is the center of the most important virology labs in China. As mentioned earlier, Steve Bannon even repeated the theory that the virus might originate from one of these labs and is an engineered mix between the Bird- and Swine-flu. Proven fact after testing, Covid-19 is not a mix of the above and could not have been engineered in one of these Chinese labs that also lack in know-how and equipment compared to European and U.S. labs.

Third, the WHO knew that China or any other country won’t be capable of coming up with a vaccine in such a short time because that requires to find patient zero, who might have been most likely a foreign agent carrying the virus through Wuhan before he returned to the U.S. or Europe. It’s common practice among agents to inject themselves with a virus while knowing that they will be cured shortly after with the antivirus. Plus, it has been proven that there are many positive tested Covid-19 victims which are asymptomatic. Meaning, they are infected but show no serious signs of the infection, hence, they can infect more people around them.And that’s exactly the engineered finesse I was talking about in the beginning: separating the wheat from the chaff. It would also explain the theory and research in the above video of Nathan Rich.Before you continue reading, watch this video to understand the following WHO narrative.

So, you might ask yourself, all this…. but to what end? Remember how I’ve mentioned the WHO might face a cut by 53% through the Trump administration? Well, they’ve just made the deal of the century with the CCP (Chinese Communist Party), having China become one of their biggest sponsors in the fight against not only Covid-19 but “new viruses” (creating new viruses) in general. They even take China’s fake numbers and praise them for their non-existing transparency.

But it gets better. China worked “tirelessly behind the scenes” in lobbing to ensure the election of Tedros Adhanom (Director-General of the WHO), who previously served in the government of the Marxist and violently repressive Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front. This gruesome movement was responsible for gross human right abuses, such as torture, repression, and electoral fraud. During his tenure as health minister, Tedros was most known to have covered up three cholera outbreaks. 

Tedros was the perfect puppet for China, because his Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front was already a patsy for the CCP. Addis Ababa is known as “the city that China built,” with the CCP funding the construction of everything from the metro system to highways and skyscrapers throughout the city, as well as the $200 million headquarters of the African Union.

This degree of Chinese ownership extends throughout the country. When the Ethiopia-Djibouti railway was built, the Export-Import Bank of China backed the project with $3.3 billion in loans, and 400 Chinese investment projects valued at more than $4 billion are already in full operation in the country.

Once ushered in as director-general, Tedros quickly repaid China’s support. The first day after his election he expressed support for the Chinese Communist Party’s claim over Taiwan. Not long after, he appointed brutal dictator Robert Mugabe, a China ally, as a “goodwill ambassador” in a move described by diplomats as an obvious “payoff.” This support was quickly reciprocated. China decided to fund a new $80 million World Health Organization “Center for Disease Control” in … Ethiopia.

China has even boasted about its almost-takeover of the WHO. In 2017 alone it signed an agreement with the WHO for its “One Belt, One Road” initiative, co-chaired the China-Africa Health Ministers Conference, and hosted the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation during which the CCP pledged $8.8 billion to developing countries “to improve people’s well-being worldwide.”

So much for the claim of the WHO that they are “underfunded” and in need for “our” donations to produce a vaccine (see Facebook, Instagram, Google and YouTube campaigns). 

If you still don’t get the pattern, and can’t understand why Trump and Co. are so strict on the WHO, why they don’t want their vaccines, and don’t see a benefit in keeping people who waste the tax payer’s money and play their part in making people sick, then please also look at any big and famous health organization around the globe that promote their version of a healthy lifestyle on their company website with products of the sponsors they have contracts with. These sponsors produce products that have been proven to make us sick for decades.

At the end of this post I leave a very informative documentary trailer which you’ll find in full length on Netflix, circling around that very topic, exposing other health organizations.

If I wanna keep my job, I can’t give people the cure. 

It’s as simple as that. If everyone were healthy, we wouldn’t need pharmacies, doctors and health organizations anymore.

And that’s a very stressful thought keeping the octopus awake at night, spinning its next pandemic, war, or financial crisis to keep us in check.

Bottom line, we all have our own opinion about Covid-19, but still, I urge every intelligent being to stop listening to the mainstream media or the WHO and instead donate to independent filmmakers and journalists who actually do a very solid job in keeping us informed about the facts that will otherwise never see the light of day.

Plus, if you become a Vegan, skip coffee and instead drink more Chinese, Tibetan or Indian tea (leaves, not tea bags), add more raw onions and garlic to your meals to keep the bacteria out of your system and do a daily one hour walk in the nature (without your mobile phone), you’ll be fine and survive any flu season.Personally, I haven’t been to the doctors for more than 20 years. Not even to the gynecologist.

There’s nothing they could tell me that I don’t already know about my body and how to protect and heal it from anything. In fact, I was almost killed by a Tetanus vaccine long time ago because the doctor overdosed.Hence, shots don’t give you a 100% certainty to be healed or stay alive.

They give your immune system a boost, that’s all, but they aren’t a long-term cure. A long-term cure lies in deep genetic engineering and gene hacking.

Once again, don’t buy into the mainstream media’s panic and instead question their actions in public, so more people will get infected with the only real virus that should inhabit us all:


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