Consciously Program Your Matrix

Master Manifestation, Evolve your Consciousness from 3D>4D>5D

24+ Hours

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Oct 7th, 2020

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Consciously Program Your Matrix

Master Manifestation, Evolve your Consciousness from 3D>4D>5D

Awaken to the 5th Dimension…

Why Should we Learn to EVOLVE from 3D>4D>5D?​



*Source: Paramahansa Yogananda Self Realization Fellowship Kriya Yoga Lessons.


Learn How To Consciously Program The Matrix With Quantum Physics:

We have sought out far and wide for a certified teacher in the unique technique of Grabavoi: Master your numerical frequencies to program the MATRIX… aka: your daily life.

Learn with Aloma Tente a certified teacher of the Grabavoi technique. Aloma will be coming to us live all the way from Brazil! (We will have a live translator on the calls)

More on programming your MATRIX… When we watched the movie the Matrix we saw an illustration of the world that we live in as a series and sequence of numerical code. That movie showed us the illustration that we live in an artificially created world, a computer program. The main character Keanu Reeves, when he learned how to program this matrix became a superhero, was able to achieve superpowers, and help free the rest of us, who were asleep.

Learn how to utilize quantum physics to attract what you want! THIS IS SCIENCE! Not based on a theory, or a concept.

Just as the world around us is controlled by the law of gravity, heat, and other laws of physics that we are commonly aware of and use in our every day lives. (Most of you have probably already heard of the law of attraction, the law of cause-and-effect, the law of karma.)

Quantum Physics can be consciously tapped into, and used daily!

What quantum physicists are starting to grasp and understand will blow your mind.

Could it be that one member of our human family has received divine inspiration for how to consciously program the actual quantum physics numerical code of this very matrix that we are all living in? That would be amazing right?!?! Have we had our very own “Neo” in our Matrix wake up? And is he ready to share exactly what the real “Matrix” is, how it works, and how we can help control it to consciously create a life of our dreams?!?!?

Well, one such individual from Russia we believe has done just that.

His name is Grigori Grabovoi.

We have found one of his certified teachers Aloma Tente from Brazil who has shared with us a number of incredible experiences and results that these teachings have brought to both her life and the lives of her students and many others.

Everything we share with you here at Conscious Vitality, we have personally put into effect in our own lives FIRST and have experienced results that could only be described as “miracles“.

We are very excited to be bringing you these teachings in a live format. We will be translating live with the help of Kyleigha and Christianne, our in-house translators.

We are excited to share new teachings of empowerment, freedom, and the ability to create the desired results at will in every and any area of your life.

Our only limitations are the confines of our current state of consciousness.

Moving From The 3rd Dimension To Master Manifestation In Our Daily Lives

3rd Dimension

Energetically, the third dimension is a place of very low vibration and enhances the illusion of separation, duality and free will. In 3D, only one timeline (reality) is available and we live with the construct and illusion of the ego-mind of linear time.

4th Dimension

The Fourth Dimension – the Magical Dream World. It is also called the Astral Plane. It is a dimension that is less dense and is fluid compared to the third dimension, however it still has only one timeline (reality).

5th Dimension

Frequencies of the fifth dimension vibrate at speeds that are faster than the speed of light. This makes manifestation and creation by thoughts possible. The heart is in charge. The higher self (your soul) is matched with the heart. Love prevails, because our actions are made from the heart and no longer from the head. Unity, one is all, all is one. Time is non-linear.

Join Our Live Interactive Course Designed To Evolve You From 3D > 4D > 5D

Shaping your world with the Teachings of Grabovoi.

Utilizing techniques of Manifestation, based on the law of quantum physics and learning techniques that expand your consciousness from the 3rd dimension and beyond to the 4th and 5th dimension.


Aloma Tente – Certified Instructor in the Grabovoi technique

Aloma Tente was born in 1986, in the city of Belo Horizonte, state of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

“I graduated in 2009 in Geology at the Federal University of Minas Gerais and I am currently studying for a master’s degree in Mineral Engineering from the Federal University of Ouro Preto.

At the age of 23, I started to take an interest in the Law of Attraction and practiced various exercises related to Rhonda Byrne’s second book. I still felt limited however in achieving my goals. My interest then expanded to neurolinguistic programming and took to studying Anthony Robbins’ books.

At the age of 28, I started a Neuroscience process to achieve certain professional goals and achieved great success. At that moment, I was absolutely sure that anyone is capable of creating their own reality. The applied techniques allowed me to change my neural networks creating new brain synapses, leading to my brain being reprogrammed to reach the goals that would bring me more happiness and fulfillment.

At the age of 29 I started working directly with all the resources of gratitude, for the book “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne and reached several personal goals, in addition to feeling that I was developing spiritually towards the awakening of my own consciousness.

At the age of 30 I was already sharing neuroscience and gratitude techniques to my friends and those closest to me.

Still feeling limited in my ability, when I thought should be unlimited, a friend told me about the teachings of scientist Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi.

In 2018 I started to research and translate his books into Portuguese and started to learn the practices through courses, seminars, and books.

I managed to reverse several issues in my life in a positive way, issues that lasted several years and I had not managed with any of the methods already applied. But I have recognized over time that this new science is even more profound than I imagined, as I began to truly understand the workings of the world. Soon, my interaction with all the elements and the whole Universe became much greater, because I noticed a great development of my spirit and my conscience.

After years of dedication, I was granted a sublicense to teach in 2019. Currently, I have taught the Teachings of Grabovoi in Brazil, contributing to the awakening of consciousness and the transformation of people’s lives.

Today I am sure that the immense change that we can have in our hearts, our mind, and our conscience, contributes towards the awakening of the unlimited power in all of humanity. We have the ability to live with health and vitality, to live love and lead ourselves on a path of happiness, fulfillment, and prosperity. After all, each of us deserves all of this and more! The quantum leap that we are currently experiencing on the planet, from 3D to 5D, leads us to question conventional science, our values and invites us to change our perception of the world. The science established by scientist Grigori Grabovoi with my personal experience is unprecedented due to the combination of spiritual and scientific growth. I am sure that this will be the new science that will help lead the Earth on the new evolutionary path it is taking. Therefore, I believe this science is fundamental for those who perceive the moment that we are living, to learn, and to deepen in this new science, for the construction of a New Earth.


“The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.”

-Lao Tzu-

Stories on Purpose

Gerilee Morri

Having been accepted into the “Master Manifestation” (Methods of Concentration Course) this has been a great honor for me. I am learning with a group of very intelligent light workers who’s intent is to create a reality that is for the greatest benefit of mankind and for that matter, all sentinel beings, including our Mother Earth.

Aloma explains the techniques of concentration with such a straight forward approach and elegance. The level of spirituality that is woven into this course is of such a high vibration and the teachings of Grigori Grabavoi are remarkable. I feel as though I have entered a mystery school. By far, every minute of practice and leaning these methods has been worth the effort. I have already manifested small miracles.

The feeling I am receiving is almost as if something in me is being upgraded. I am deeply grateful, for this unique opportunity.

I pray we all manifest with a pure heart of creativity.
“Global Salvation and Harmonious Development”
319 817 318

In unity and love, Gerilee

Kevin Hollman

“The Grabovoi Class is something that I found very appealing, so I gave it a try and loved the course. It gave me actual tools and techniques to help expand my consciousness! Conscious Vitality does a wonderful job of putting on the class and since training with the Grabovoi techniques I have noticed many improvements to my mental and physical health. I would highly recommend learning the teachings of Grabovoi with their help! They make the subject matter much more accessible and easier to understand, as well as provide you with a community for you to learn and grow with.”

Kerri Watts

This was incredible content!! Thank you soo much for bringing this to us. I’m very interested in doing the class, please keep me informed. I love Conscious Vitality and what you two bring to the table for the awakening. Numerology is something I already have a foundation in, so this resignated with me as a possible real form of manifestation. Thank you again ?

Chris O.

Business Owner/Entrepreneur

I have always been good at attracting things in my life. However, this technique has taken my attraction abilities to the next level. I found myself looking for a home on a very tight budget and not only finding the home of my dreams, my budget miraculously expanded!

Scarlet M.

Homemaker/Stay-at-home mom

I started doing Grabovoi for more abundance and to attract love into my life. In a very short time, I found my love and am now married and I am more financially stable than I have ever been in my life.


Starting Date October 7th, 2020




The Techniques of Grabovoi

Mastering Manifestation, utilizing the laws of quantum physics and expanding your consciousness to 4th and 5th Dimension



Every 2nd Saturday 9 AM -11 AM PST   –   LIVE Discussion and Q&A

Every week you will receive new content to review and practice.
Every 2nd week there is a LIVE call where you can ask questions and dive deeper into concepts with Aloma Tente.

Shaping your world with the Teachings of Grabovoi introduction

What You’ll Learn

  1. Learn about the dimension you are living in: Learn how to identify the dimension you are currently living in and how you can evolve to a higher dimension, by practicing concentration exercises that ad your evolution to a higher state of consciousness.
  2. You are a limitless creator: Deeply understand your potential as a creator in this life time and master the scientific techniques that are based on quantum physics (and more).
  3. How To Manifest Your Dreams: Gain limitless leverage to manifest your dreams, by embodying desires that speak to your soul’s true calling. When you become in vibrational alinement what’s right for you, will be what happens for you.
  4. Gaining A Deeper Connection To Life: Transcend the illusion of separation, and forge a beautiful connection to all that is. Learn how to offer your love and support to life itself, and receive infinite love and support in return.
  5. Limitless Happiness: Transcend the illusion of separation, and forge a beautiful connection to all that is. Learn how to offer your love and support to life itself, and receive infinite love and support in return.
  6. Clarity On your Life Vision: Finally understand the unique reason you were placed on this planet – and discover what success and fulfillment truly mean to you as an individual, beyond the expectations of others.
  7. Enhanced Intuition: Discover how to tap into your innate intuitive abilities, allowing you to make better decisions, understand and connect with your surroundings, and even receive ‘downloads’ from collective consciousness.
  8. Oneness With The Universe: Ascend to a state of unity with Source in a higher dimension, and in the process replace your perceived barriers and limitations with a Universe of infinite possibilities and potential.
  9. Study the Vibrational Frequencies that tune you in to your desires: All thing in the universe carry a frequency. Learn the frequencies that will aline you with what you wish to create… PROGRAM YOUR MATRIX

The Curriculum

Explore Grabovoi Master Manifestation Curriculum

This course is designed to facilitate a deeper understanding of how to develop a controlled reality and achieve our dreams and goals. This is only achievable however, with our own conscious evolution to a higher dimension. 3D to 4D or 5D.

We are in a new era, a time of change, and awakening. A quantum leap is currently underway whether we are aware of it or not. Grabovoi’s teachings aid our ascension to a higher dimension 3D to 4D or 5D, and from this point of vibration we are able to become the MASTER Manifestors, creators, and fulfill our deeply seeded innate human desires.

This knowledge is fundamental to the New Age of the planet and the evolution of our own consciousness.

Our only limits are in the confines of our current state of consciousness. Expanding this opens up a new world! One that is said to be limitless, all expanding, transformational…

These are the fundamental techniques for learning teleportation, telekinesis, understanding the laws of the universe on a quantum level…

Tap into the potential of the universe with the teachings of Grabovoi!

Sound amazing or too good to be true? Check out this video of an intro of what to expect in this course.

We here at feel super honored to be chosen to share this information with North America. These teachings are prevalent in South America and Europe. We have sought far and wide for a certified instructor, and we have found one of the BEST!

Aloma Tente, from Brazil. This course will have a live translator, and be suitable for English or Portuguese speakers.

Module 1: General Concepts of Grabovoi

  1. What is intellect, thought, feeling, soul, spirit, and the conscience or consciousness?
  2. Diving into all possibilities. Learn about the current success the Grabovoi teachings have aided in achieving.
  3. Practical exercises of various event creation techniques.

Module 2: Fundamentals of Creation

  1. Mechanisms of action affecting consciousness: how is reality created?
  2. Sophisticated practices for the purpose of event creation/reality creation.

Module 3: Accelerating the Creation of Our Desires

  1. Technical device PRK-1U
  2. Practical exercises for creating events using the PRK-1U

Module 4: Health and Vitality on a Vibrational level

  1. Why does an imbalance happen according to Grabovoi?
  2. What is the process of achieving ultimate health? What is the scientific basis for health and vitality on a vibrational level?
  3. Practical exercises for encouraging health, wellness and vitality in one’s life.

Want To Know More About This Program?

Watch the Free Masterclass with Aloma Tente and your host Kyleigha Beckmann​

In this class Aloma Tente dives in head first into the Grabovoi teachings and the core of this program. These are the beginning steps in understanding universal laws that help you evolving your consciousness and move towards your higher dimensional self, allowing you to achieve your dreams!

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