February 15th 2021 – Quantum Shift with Clayton Thomas: DMT and the Pineal Gland


  1. Great conversation, so glad you’re bringing these ideas to the forefront. What’s the documentary you mentioned? Thanks for the awesome Root Trinity!

  2. I’m inspired. I want to explore/experiment with accessing DMT endogenously. I will take a Zero-In tonight….let’s see what I discover. Thanks!

  3. Yes, write the book, please…I get a ton from your insights. Dr. Rahm is a star for sure. Yet you have a very unique way of seeing and expressing, Clayton! So grateful I listened to Sacha Stone + Michael Jaco and jumped in….been seeking something I can trust for years. I had back surgery at 17 and traditional docs have been trying to pump me up with synthetics for years. I’ve recovered nicely, naturally and gained an enormous reverence for my body’s natural healing potential.. I’ve wanted to get to higher levels of physical performance…and getting excited to progress with the Trinity, (I”m only a few weeks in!) (To answer your question….it’s both, we’re holding ourselves back AND additionally, we’re being suppressed.)

  4. Yes as someone mentioned could you post the link for the DMT documentary?? Or the name and where to find.

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