February 19th 2022 – The War On Consciousness with Aaron Abke and Brandon Bozarth: Virology And Isolation Part II


  1. I had “covid” back in 2020. I was only sick for about 4 days with body aches and low grade fever. I lost my sense of taste and smell for about 2 weeks then it returned to normal. I did not seek treatment nor a test because I didn’t want to contribute to the numbers madness. I got confirmation from my Dr a couple months later while seeing her for another issue by describing my symptoms to her. I’ve had the flu one other time in my life and it was ten times worse than the “covid” strain.

      1. Hi Kyleigha, you must be some sort of tech personnel? I didn’t know who to bring this up to but maybe you can help. I am unable to stream any of conscious vitality videos to my Apple TV’s as I typically am able with all other devices. It just freezes and has been like this for the better part of a year. Maybe you guys can finally look into this? Thanks (:

  2. This was so so good!! Thank you, guys. The health science nerd in me was jumping up and down throughout the episode!

  3. They are all paid to diagnose, admit, give homicidal treatment, record on death certificate, funeral costs!!! centuple ugh.

  4. I haven’t heard much talk about water fasting. What do Dr. Kaufman, Alec, Dr. Brogan or Dr. Cowan think about water fasting?

  5. I would add to Alec’s theory of bioresonance the person’s choice of whether they want to resonate or not with another’s energies, whether it is conscious or subconscious. They may not be willing or ready to heal.

  6. I’ve had the flu and I’ve had “covid”, and they felt very different and “covid” lasted longer and felt worst. While I do believe that “covid” is actually a form of flu/Sars, whatever, it is different. But every cold and flu is different. That’s why there is no cure for the common cold. Because almost everytime you get a flu or cold you’re getting a different strain or type. That doesn’t take away from what the government is doing. Both can be true. Covid IS a thing AND the establishment manufactured it, put it out there, is inflating its numbers & is using it for their own purposes of control. 2 things can be true at the same time.

  7. Thanks guys, God Force keeps blessing you and teaching us through you, deeply grateful. Personally I would never take a “test” after seeing what could “potentially” be on the swab (as shown in images in early 2020) and also the fact that studies were done long ago about “Vaccinating people by the use of swabs inside the nasal cavity”. RED FLAG! Done as it is the most “open area to the environment” in the body that can be reached without inconvenience of having a tube stuffed down your throat or other things shoved elsewhere in body openings. I avoid doctors (I consider them paid drug pushers) and do my own research on natural methods of dealing with things. Herb, food environment etc. Rarely if ever am I sick. Anyway going off track, thanks again guys.

  8. Things have changed drastically in Britan. Why? Because their people vehemently denied tyranny. They have lifted all mandates, etc. Real data is coming out now. They are admitting this virus isnt as catastrophic as they originally sold. It is like the seasonal flu, IMO.

  9. This brings up a question for me. We learn that when the Europeans came to the Americas something like 80% of Native Americans were wiped out by disease passed on from the Europeans because they apparently had no immunity to the new diseases.

    But I would think living a hunter-gatherer lifestyle would mean the Native Americans had a lot less toxicity in their bodies than the Europeans, so how could they have been so vulnerable to these diseases? Curious how terrain theory can explain this, any answers appreciated

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