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Other videos on Non-Doership:

NonDoership – The Wisdom Of Zen // MindScience 021 https://youtu.be/PqlGozIav60
Being Lived // Remember I AM 06 https://youtu.be/JIQE-7VKZC4
Balancing Non-Doership With Every Day Life // The Soul-Led Podcast https://youtu.be/lj7v8epi28s

Master Your Mind – 8 Week MasterClass
The purpose of this masterclass is to systematically reprogram the way you think and perceive, until what you think and perceive brings you peace rather than suffering. This is not an entry level course, but one that is designed to break the seeker out of their current delusions and plateaus and into the next level of self-liberation through self-understanding. Click the link below to learn more.

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IG: @aaronabke

I Am In The Father // Mystical Jesus 08


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