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Music: Illenium – “No Time Like Now”

Something I’ve been considering for a while is sharing my own personal awakening journey with the world as it unfolds. My own personal expansion of consciousness has begun to accelerate at such a pace that I feel like it would almost be selfish to keep it to myself. We live in a world that desperately needs to wake up. So if I can offer up myself as a piece of “data” so to speak, to help this collective wake up, I am more than willing to do so.

I will be starting this new series where I will be documenting these types of developments as they unfold in my consciousness. However, they are going to be much more raw, unfiltered and challenging. I have too much love in my heart for you all to play games, placate your Ego’s and validate victimization mentalities. This awakening has confronted me on all of my own bullshit, and I can tell you from experience that sometimes it hurts to step into the fire. But you need not be afraid, because what gets burnt away is not you to begin with. What ocmes out of the fire is purity, authenticity and power.

So join me starting this week and let’s wake up together. If you want to save the world, you first must save yourself.

I Am Silence (Becoming A Mirror) // Awakening Vlog 001


  1. Beautiful Aaron, a nice start to a vlog, you are right about the 15 seconds lol I thought I was better than this, but it kicked in right about when you said 🙂

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