July 8th, 2021 – Unleash Your ROAR!! with Dr. Darrell Wolfe: The Truth Seeker | Special Guest: David Icke


  1. Darrell, we’re the same age – 28 😉
    Been following David Icke since the mid 90’s, got many hours of reprogramming from his audio and video talks. Deepak Chopra also talk s about “The Field Of All Possibilities” that you speak of David in one of his books I have. Your message is more relevant today than ever before man, we saw it coming (those of us you awakened many years ago), we fight it, we ignore it and we live our lives in absolute disgust at the level of stupid slavery and conformity by others. MASK – never worn one, never will, DISTANCE – disregarded, and left my church group because when they were “allowed to attend” once more they were going to “stick to the rules” and I was having no part of obeying Satanic cult rules in this setting! I guess it was coming, I was led here to Conscious Vitality at that stage and the rest is history – freedom of speech and ideas here is so welcomed. God (and Space) Force Bless you both (and all you reading!) ;8^)

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