March 18th 2022 – Ascension Connections with Andrew Genovese: The Consciousness of Animals | Special Guest: Michelle McKay


  1. Wow, what a beautiful show.
    I really resonated with everything they talked about. I have a strong connection with animals as well and every word that came out of Michelle’s mouth is exactly how I feel and would have said. It is sad and heartbreaking the disconnect we do have, but awareness and raising our vibration can get us to unity consciousness.
    Hard topics to talk about but, they need to come to light. Love and light.

  2. Dude, I was expecting something else, like Aniumal Consciousness, not a case for vegetarian or vegan blast….. I rarely eat meat, but I wasn’t expecting this. Is there any part of this where you guys talk about animal conscoiusness or does it just go on about “meat eating and how the animal ‘may’ feel” about being slaughtered? If anyone watches can you note the time where this is relevant for me please and put it in the comments – thanks in advance. Can’t do an hour of anti-meat eating, life is passing by.

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