November 28th 2021 – The War On Consciousness with Aaron Abke and Brandon Bozarth LIVE Q&A


  1. Being a former member of the “woke” mob lol You are absolutely right. As I become more quiet, aware and conscious, I see the strong hold media has on the “black” community. I can go on and on about the power we surrender but…… let me just say this, the way this PLANdemic been going, I’m not even sure we was forced out of Africa. They probably trusted the wrong people (whether light skin or dark skin) and they took them out of the present moment and told them about an earthquake that was coming to destroy their land. And people got on the boat ??‍♀️ I wouldn’t be surprised by that story. With that being said, I’ve been expressing my true opinions about our history and the manipulation we allowed. We are co creators. We need to stop feeling victimized and stop feeling like we’re better than all the other “races.” I be telling black people we are One, Trump is us in another time and space ?? Thank you Aaron, and this platform, you helped this “woke black woman” #WAKEUP

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