October 22nd 2021 – Ascension Connections with Andrew Genovese: Stepping Up As A Leader In Times Of Adversity with Ben Tapper


  1. Broke my heart when you guys reminded me about the evil child traffickers and how much we need to fight this evil until it is completely destroyed.

  2. I love that dont give your power away to a man in a white coat. Saw Ben on HIGHwire video with Del Bigtree.. appreciate you both thank you

  3. Dr Andrew WAkefield was a gastro doctor before he questioned measles vaccine and lost his license.. I suppose Dr Tapper is familiar with DR Zach Bush …another great leader..

  4. I study the Course in Miracles which says do not judge so i have felt guilty for being anti vaccine.. My family and most of my friends are pro vaccine and i hear over and over dont judge.-so gets confusing..SO i really needed to hear this today…. Its hard for me to get into the child trafficking.. issue but glad you are speaking out.. thank you both

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