October 23rd 2021 – The War on Consciousness with Aaron Abke and Brandon Bozarth: Control The Mind, Control The World with Addy Adds Part 2


  1. i knew about operation paperclip and i assumed it was a few people like 30 but 1400 is incredible. Me and Lee– the book– begins with the fact they knew the polio vaccine could cause cancer yet they continued to give it to kids.. I dont know if its the same today or not .. but the number we give kids now is ridiculous

  2. WAtch Korean series on netflix.. but then i hope they have not gotten to them too .. DUck Duck Go is better than Google for a search engine.. you can get to anti vax websites there..

      1. oh darn well duck duck go does go to anti vaccine sites and google goes to pro vaccine sites if you ask for anti vaccine sites..oh well..one never knows…thank you

  3. Lee Harvey Oswald liked Kennedy please read ME and LEE for the real story.. also Judith Vary BAkers other books

  4. Kari Lake quit as a news anchor because she said she was no longer proud to be in media.. She is Running for Arizona Governor.. She got awards as a media anchor..

  5. More confirmation on the feelings we have had about the wool that is being pulled over our eyes. Thank you guys for your hard work!

  6. Great talk. It would be interesting to know who the real world puppet master is.
    Those of us who are aware of the manipulation and see through the sham can also get caught up in fear of the perceived strength they have over all of us. Our future can be perceived as bleak especially when you see them gaining control with the shots, passports, QR codes and all the people complying due to this brainwashing. What is our personal role in all of this, how can we help? I’ve tried to speak with others, protested, shared information but feel as though we are losing the battle especially now that they are targeting the children. I often do feel I’m at war with myself because I wonder if I should be doing more. I live in a town where the majority has acquiesced and to question the narrative is considered inconsiderate, and you are seen as a danger to society. How do we handle this on a daily basis? Is praying, meditating, trying to stay in a positive vibration and go about your day enough? Or should we make it our mission to rally, get out there and spread the news, speak up regardless of the ridicule the way to go? Thank you for being here and openly talking, sharing with us so we know we’re not alone or going crazy. Be well. Shirley

  7. Thank you ? all four of you are so knowledgeable and informative. This information is empowering and I stand in my sovereignty ❤️

  8. This is a great conversation, I enjoy this series but would appreciate less of the rather loud moody music in the background.

  9. I cannot get enough of this show! This is everything I knew to be true but could not necessarily find “proof” of so thank you for bringing it full circle for me!

  10. Hey there- just curious about the comment regarding Pete Buttigieg- what is the problem with Mr. Pete? Just curious. Thank you!!!

  11. This is an invaluable video, it will assist many to face the truth. I knew a Jewish man who was tortured by the Nazi’s who saw his parents shot and he was a young boy who was injected with chemicals and made was paralyzed by the human torture. It’s a dangerous world. Spread Love.

  12. Awesome interview, I saw a fraction of this on YouTube and it was my inspiration for joining this group! I have been following conspiracies for about 25 years but tying it all together with spiritual awareness and help in how to deal with the information without lowering your vibration is priceless. Thanks for all your hard work!??❤️

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