October 25th 2021 – Ascension Connections with Andrew Genovese: Time in Mount Shasta Telos and the Galactic Civilizations in Hollow Earth with Lady Krystianna


  1. Wow, a feeling when Telos was mentioned was “How do I know this named place” and my flesh suit felt like “cells were standing on end” is all I can say to describe the feeling… felt beautiful and visuals filled my mind of a beautiful place.

  2. Even though I’m watching the replay a couple of weeks after the live, I am so grateful for the activations at the beginning of this beautiful light-filled sharing from Lady Krystianna! Please don’t ever apologize for blessing with activations from our Galactic friends and families. 🙂

    I was especially delighted with the topic of Sasquatch. My landlords put a metal cutout statue of one in the front yard of my house. He quietly protects me (I now realize) from a quiet corner under a crape myrtle tree and behind an azalea bush. How fortuitous that they placed in a preferred secluded spot. Now I know to leave goldfish for him (also just got a HUGE box of them by happenstance).

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