October 26th 2021 – Quantum Shift with Clayton Thomas


  1. She is a professor in our Provence of Ontario. We are in the grips of a totalitarian regime where thousands of those of us who choose not to acquiesce are being demonized. I’m not sure what our future has to offer. Would a song, a collective (pull at your heart) movement work? ]https://brandnewtube.com/watch/julie-ponesse-professor-of-ethics-dismissed-from-job-for-not-complying-with-medical-tyranny_y8LugGaSLevFFUq.html

  2. Great discussion. The subject got my sensible juices flowing. The beautiful aspect about prophecy is that it is fluid. We are able to change the outcome. Thank you.

  3. The name of the 5 hour documentary is The Lost History of Earth and it is insanely eye-opening. Thank you all you do. Grateful for your beingness.

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