October 30th 2021 – War on Consciousness with Aaron Abke and Brandon Bozarth: Live Q&A Control The Mind, Control The World featuring Addy Adds


  1. Blind Thought is the spell of ignorance.
    Everything will be reduced to its root.
    Soul is the bread and spirit is the blood. Soul is sanctified with the return of spirit. What is spirit? The light/life force from the celestial realm above the veil.
    Consciousness is the congruency of heart and mind. It creates a fire. The resurrected man is when the spirit joins the soul.
    Teachings of oneness comes from the Gnostics or the teachings of Mu.
    It is a spiritual war.

  2. Federal Funding and Grants awarded to states, non for profits, schools, colleges and corporations involved in securities contract to perpetuate the narrative. News, Social Media, housing, newspapers are all involved with funding as well as creating securities (SEC). It is called Social Engineering.
    The stimulus packages feed this monetary system of influence. Covid19 is a monetary event on an expanded level.
    Every county is involved in pushing the narrative. This is what is driving the psychological operation. Federal Funding and Grants are contracts that push medical mandates (Public/Private). These people that agree to these contracts are ushering in Fascism. the businesses that are not recipients of Federal Funding are considered non-essential. These non-essential businesses are also not registered with the SEC. The Covid19 jab is building the infa-structure of the Central Bank Digital Currency System. The Hydrogel is the chipping. It effects the blood.

  3. The agriculture has been invaded by Kraft was known as Monosanto they bought up 90% of organic seeds. Glysophate the pesticides together push the transhumanism with the Masks, chemtrails and jabs for Covid19 is Graphene based for transhumanism. It’s a challenge to eat right.

  4. We are still discovering the connectivity that we chose to forget to be able to become more educated in what the amazing universe is that we are.

  5. Private practice doctors group out of the system is the way it was before Reagan. We paid 15 or 20.00 a visit got good treatment. No insurance costs. It was better. We didn’t have to wait and try 3 protocols before we acquired the treatment we needed to achieve relief.

  6. Childrens Health Defense internet site has their own tv channel.. on their internet site.. i hope it takes off

  7. Actually Justin, unless you claim back your sovereignty, your kids ARE owned by the gov’t, coz by creating a “Birth Certificate” you sold them for a specific amount of time without knowing it. When you claim “You” you can claim your kids back.

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