October 5th 2021 – Quantum Shift with Clayton Thomas


  1. This was absolutely ahhhmazing! I am living in Thailand for now, can you ship products here? Much love to you all!

  2. Where can we get more information on the supplements and are you going to make iver available to subscribers?

  3. Hi Clayton, Erai…

    MTV was the only thing early teens knew about, but late teens and adults had ICQ, the chat program with over 6 Million users in 2 years which was pre-Fakebook etc. It was before MySpace happened, but had all the same things all the new platforms have now but was Isreal based.

    That was fkn unreal Erai, I have that George Carlin video, watched it yesterday and decided to cut the exact bit you cut “as an independent video” lol
    WHICH exchange are you going to use Erai?

    Good to see you Justin…

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