Sacha Stone Live October 24th, 2021


  1. Thanks Sacha, Jane, Campbell mate 😉 Seems The Matrix was right again when Morpheus said “you think it’s 1999 when it’s really more like 2199…” and if so, the BOOK says evil will reign for 1000 years…. maybe this time is OVER NOW!

  2. Sacha thank you for giving strength and supporting us who find ourselves in a situation where we don’t know what to do. We can rally, share information, try to educate but it almost seems defeatist. Am I wrong? There are awesome groups here in Ontario, and across our country of Canada but we are fragmented. I think, as you’ve said, this scam has been planned for decades. We have many immigrants here who are grateful to be in a free country and unfortunately are blindly trusting and acquencing. We do hear you, we do understand, we do want to stop this but our marches, our protests, our lawsuits all seem to be falling on deaf ears. I’m crying to hear that they have now allowed vax for 5yrs plus.
    Is our answer outside the box, like music? What haven’t they thought of? You brought up resonance, organs, pipes in your talks, What is out of the norm? It it the world wide movement based on music? Unity? Lets bury them, that’s my idea but is that the answer? Lets get a song like ‘Imagine’ or ‘The Hanging Tree’- it needs to be global and have the resonance to entrap us in this movement. You have the platform, the love & vibration to do this or get others to delegate to lol…

  3. Wonderful, wonderful, I would be definitely tuning in should this subject matter continue. Great job, Sacha, Jane and Campbell.

  4. Great talk great panel, some do well with panels and interviews but Sacha is best when he is solo. becoming a conduit of some very powerful currant that inspires the listeners.

  5. A historical angst we must never forget, we must not repeat and move out, far away from the system of captivity control. This is the negative second chance to takeover our souls. That is my interpretation

  6. Thank you for this fascinating discussion! It open my eyes to some new realizations and elevated my feelings about humanity.

  7. Pls help me to understand from when are the oldest fotos we look at? Zeppelins have never stopped from being built. Now coming out as tourist attractions. We have been promised one soon between Barcelona and Mallorca?

  8. Sacha, why should the energy of good souls being murdered give faintingly diabolic auras to the SS? What really happened in WW2? Hitler, the only true vilan?

  9. And why so many orphans. They killed all their parents? With that flood ? Or whatever else happened for them To loose their parents like that?

  10. The other thing that doesn’t make sense to me is how does the Crystal Palace burn like that? Glass would melt when it’s really hot, but not burn like wood building. It’s just doesn’t make sense.

  11. Love you Sacha. You are a wonderful embodiment of divine masculine. I love hearing your wisdom. I inspire to be on your level in regards to knowledge and wisdom. Many thanks. Wish there was more men like you guys in my real reality.

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