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This video is not speaking of physical pain, but of psychological pain. The word “Suffering” in this video refers to the Buddhist definition of suffering, “You suffer because you desire”. Physical pain is an unavoidable and inevitable part of the flow of life, but psychological pain is absolutely optional. For example, if someone gets in a bad car accident and is bed-ridden in the hospital for 6 months, they will undoubtedly suffer physical pain. But certain people will create a negative story about the event in their mind and become severely depressed. “Why did this have to happen to me? What is my life going to be like now? What did I do to deserve this cruel punishment?” etc. This kind of pain is not unavoidable. Hence, “we do not suffer from what happens to us, we suffer from what we think about it”. So it is entirely possible, and has been happening to humans for thousands of years, to transcend this type of psychological suffering by understanding the nature of the mind and being able to see reality more clearly. This video is also not saying that psychological suffering is not experienced, it is simply saying it is an “illusion” because it is not objectively real. If you stop thinking about your broken back, it will still hurt regardless. But if you stop thinking about how depressed you are, the depression vanishes. This is because it is a “mind illusion” that is only as real as the attention it is given. “I suffer because I see what is not there”.

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The Sufferer Doesn’t Exist // MindScience 007


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