February 11th 2021 – Conscious Evolution: The Next Step For Humanity – Satanic Ritual Child Abuse Survivor Comes Forward & Shares His Story


  1. I have a burning desire to end the slavery aspecially child exploatation . I learn about it last year when everyrhing exploded took mi 3 months to accept all of this . . I will say what i have learnes from a wonderfull person i consider one of my teachers , The children are set free , and may it begin with me . . I send this intention into the universe . Also , This is our kingdom and it is being reclaimed by the power of our havenly virtue . . Love and light to you Light wariours

  2. Maybe it’s not demons. Maybe it’s just that people can do really evil things. Maybe it takes becoming aware and acknowledging that each of us has that potential within us (as difficult as it is to accept that), so that we can let the Light shine on our darkness. Just a thought.

  3. I’m sooo sorry you went through all this. Thank you so much for sharing. Horrible experiences you grew up with. I send light & protection to you.

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