March 11th 2021 – Conscious Evolution: The Next Steps for Humanity w/ Special Guest: Derek Ep#2 Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor – Altered: Exploring 100+ Alters


  1. Wow this blew my mind; even that I know that dark energies exists!
    About two years ago I downloaded a sleep tracker app recommended by Dave Asprey (Super Human). I fell asleep with sonar sound waves. It might have been a few days of trying that app to fall in a deep sleep when I had this heavy dream that I was walking in the long hallway of my home and suddenly a dark entity pushed me right back with intense force. I woke up and and could not move. I was so frightened and switched the light on. I was completely frozen in bed. I prayed to Jesus and sent much love to that entity over and over until I fell asleep again. A loud dark deep voice woke me up again coming out of my phone through the sound waves. I thought I was dreaming at first but was sure that this was the sound that got me out of my sleep. It was pure evil.
    I left the light on all night and slept on and off praying.
    It was gone!
    I am sure that a dark energy tapped into the same sonar sound wave frequency that I had played from that sleep app on my phone.
    The next day I deleted the app for good.

    Over my 51 years of living on this beautiful planet I had quite a few experiences with the dark side. When this happens I purge much love into it and it disappears. No chance of survival 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this video.
    Love and light – Veronique

  2. Hi guys! Oh my God! My prayers go out for these power-elite people that they’ll wake up. They are, after all, loved by The Creator Who longs for their return.

  3. Thank you for sharing this Derek. This show & the first one is amazing truth of what is really been going on in our world.

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