January 14th 2021 – Conscious Evolution with DR. P.R. Raghavan: Viral Victory! The Invisible Enemy Has Been Defeated


  1. Loving this! They knew hundreds and even thousands of years ago that nutrition can heal and maintain optimum health. Nature Rules <3

  2. This is surely the stuff I saw being sprayed into people’s noses in India and curing DYING people on the spot, they banned it coz it cures for low cost, they even used police to turn people away from coming to be cured. It’s disgusting what these criminals are doing, I am so happy blessed and grateful that they are being exposed and their evil empires are crumbling – may they all rot in jail or be executed for their crimes against humanity. God Bless Raghavan!

  3. Being honest here…not too sure about this product. I am very skeptical of products that may be snake oil. Sorry. I mean no disrespect to Conscious Vitality. I’ve tried products in the past that made similar promises…all ended up being a money-making thing. Personally, I used electro-medicine for viruses & bacteria.

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