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Here are some links to products Mentioned in this interview:
DMSO: https://davidfavor.com/dmso
EDTA: https://amzn.to/3Aqc7vW

MMS: https://bit.ly/3CqUSMK


Shedding Protocol with David Favor & Erai Beckmann (Natural Food Expert) Cheap & Easy Do It Yourself


    1. …Erai and David also, thank you. Joel did post it and I thank him for that! Are you gonna go more into your suggested amount of MMS and DMSO to take internally for shedding, or should I research Humbles book? Thanks again!

        1. They’re coming give me a sec Brother. Just learning right now how to update these descriptions underneath the videos. My apologies on the delay here. 

  1. Is there more to this video? I really enjoyed this and hope that the discussion continues! And is there a video about the Calcium replacement that David is doing?

    Good stuff!

  2. I would really like to have a clearing understanding on how to make this. I would really appreciate it if you could add a link for a recipe.

  3. Should the EDTA be taken with food, or on an empty stomach, or does it even matter. Can the EDTA be taken with NAC? The NAC I take I have encapsulated, anyone see an issue with taking both simultaneously first thing in the morning? They are both very acidic and my first EDTA ingestion, only about the first two, I did feel discomfort in my stomach but had zero issues, no longer, it goes down with no feelings.
    I want to just knock them both out on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.

  4. This was so helpful, would love to hear more about this. Also, Is there the more of the story about Jim Humble and remaining conversation recommendations …it seems like it was cut off?

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