January 19th 2021 – Self Mastery with Brandon Bozarth: Alien Hybrids Among Us


  1. Now this is the first for me, very interesting and sure makes me thin on a diffrent level, thank you for the info.

  2. Dearest Kyleigha & others at CV, This was absolutely BEAUTIFUL…I cannot thank any & all of you enough…I was tearful several times in the joyous way as if felt & still does, like a tremendous gift…Thank you with all of my heart & spirit for your invaluable service & contribution in service to us all & with Light, Love & Kindness…Blessings dear newly-found Sister.

  3. Vivienne Chauvet is half Arcturian her father is from Arcturus and mom is French Canadian.. And Christine Day is a Pleadian.. love them both

  4. OMG I was abducted in the 1980s forgot the exact date as i didnt remember at first. And the Grey said that they needed eggs and i said i would go in the house and get some.. than he said ovary eggs and it would be painless.. and so i agreed though i guess i had agreed before.. that point. HE gave me a rock.. and i still have it..

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