EPISODE #1 Strange Theories Exploring the unknown with an open mind… Hosted By Erai Beckmann


  1. Thanks so much Erai and Marc… can’t wait for the executions to begin, and apparently already “The Wicked Witch is Dead” (in 2021), I celebrated with a punch in the air and a scream of “YES!”

    With Disney there are so many subliminal and many not so subliminal references available in movies, it’s like there are people working on the movies who want to TELL people without being busted, maybe hoping it will be found AFTER they have gone/disappeared/left the job and snuck away never to be found by the bad guys. One such image in Monsters Inc. is shown int the little girl’s bedroom on the wall, a picture obviously drawn by a child, of daddy standing doggy style with mummy (and it sayd “Daddy” and “Mummy” on the picture.) Lion king in the clouds shows a fat butt with a G-string in the lion’s face, a picture of a bust with big boobs in smoke in a genie movie… many are there to see in plain sight but fast and subliminal.

    I’m with you Erai, shouting above the crowds….. but it leads to complete rejection, alienation from lifelong friends and family members, ridicule, anger, burnout and loneliness, I’m living it now.
    Time for me to rethink my disclosure methods, maybe tone it down or say it in a mirror first!

    10 Days of Darkness? What happened in Texas? Did smart people’s batteries last just 8 days before dying = total blackout for 10 days? Interesting Q prediction came true!

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