SECRET SPACE FORCE: QAnon = SSF w/ Anthony Zender


  1. Thank you, Kyleigha Beckmann! It’s working now. Also, might it be possible to ask Anthony for some ID? If he’s in the military, he should have a military ID. I would like to see that, if possible, please. Just added proof. 🙂

    1. His military academy graduation photos and pictures of him in full kit taken in combat zones and are not enough, good point -__-

  2. Interesting yes, however once again the theme that ‘humanity’ isn’t ready for disclosure? This seems to be a theme for many interviews out there currently. Not something I accept and will continue to use my heart space for truth in my own life. 🙂

  3. Cheers Anthony and Joel, great session guys. Saw my first “proof” Wednesday past….. excited 😉

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