March 2nd 2021 Self Mastery with Brandon Bozarth – Unplugging From The Matrix of Time


  1. It felt so good to listen to Brandon speak of how time truly works!

    I listened with feelings of gratitude and comfort that I am understood by this man’s understanding too!

  2. 1/Planck time = 1.85×10^43 times per second. What’s really astonishing is that mass of so called “particles” are quantized. The fundamental increment of mass is PlanckMass*PlanckTime = hBar/c^2 = 1.173369×10^-51 kg sec. So protons manifest this 1.425×10^24 times per second, whereas, electrons do this only 7.763×10^20 times per second. So frequent that some quantum physics theories say the electron exists on several places at once. However, there are 5.389×10^22 Planck-times in-between each manifestation of electron-mass! Most of the time the electron is a Electromagnetic charge wave tracing out an “orbit” path that tunnels thru Space~Time curled around the Bohr radius. Whenever electron manifests mass, time for that mass freezes for 1-Planck-time, 5.391×10^-44 of a second. Protons manifest this same exact increment only protons do this at a frequency 1836.15 times faster.

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