We have a winner!! – ZDKL coin

Back in December, we hosted a $1,000.00 giveaway contest where participants who bought a product from our online store were entered in a draw to win 1000 Zadkiel tokens (worth $1,000.00 USD!)

Today we are so excited to announce the winner!

First, we want to thank everyone who shares our products with their community so they can participate in the contest. And let me assure you there will be MANY more opportunities for you and your followers how to interact on our platform to win FREE crypto and cash prizes as we approach the official launch of our in-house crypto currency: Zadkiel.

Zadkiel token is a utility token native to the Conscious Vitality platform, which means that you will be able to buy products from the store, pay for a membership subscription, and hold it in the hopes of it gaining value. As our company grows we will keep you updated on what other new uses your community can give to our coin.  

But now we want to CONGRATS Samantha Karaitiana who is the winner of the $1000 prize and thank you so much to everyone for being a part of this incredible community!.

We’ll share more about how you can participate in the Zadkiel crypto token launch, and we have some other huge announcements coming up soon but in the meantime…

We wish you the best and hope that your transition into the spring season is a beautiful one.

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