May 19th 2022 – Cosmic Gaia with Laura Eisenhower: King Cobra Venom with Special Guest Rising Phoenix Aurora


  1. Extremely good info to me. Please don’t say it’s just a shadow side; the manipulation is real, so cruel and helps people heal what they don’t understand. I know that healing is all I do from so many lifetimes of manipulation and torture. Your show is unique in its breadth and detail of these things. I awakened to the dark side of things (of course I had some understanding) in the third year of my amazing ascension. When I awoke the bombardment was on. I mean hardcore. It’s a long story but I’ve been getting confirmation and answers through your show and Thanks.

  2. Beautiful to hear you speak about “weaponizing” the things and movements that have purpose. Mainly they bring really dark beings into the movements and make them heros and it’s just more tricks. and not just the reptilians. There are many just so dark that all they have to do is be somewhere to, as I say, scum it up.

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