December 2nd 2021 – Cosmic Gaia with Laura Eisenhower: The Extraterrestrial Species Alamanac | Special Guest: Craig Campobasso


  1. Is Laura drunk in this interview?
    It seems like she’s slurring words.
    No judgment if she is, but FYI Laura many folks will take you more seriously if you are not drunk in your videos. Sending Love

    1. If you scan all Laura’s interviews you will see her go from being herself and sometimes acting almost drunk but I think it is something else going on with her thats energetic …..just a guess ….It’s tough being a warrior.

  2. Our LOVE that live in Heaven let us sooth our humans whom believe the dream is real and awaken them from all fear and guilt and let them be relieved from false perception that they may see the happy outcome of all things…….in the name of LOVE….Amen!

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