July 22nd 2021 – Cosmic Gaia with Laura Eisenhower: HT Lingual to T.A.S.K. – Inside Secret American Government Surveillance Programs | Special Guest: Justin Merkin


  1. Great you met Carlos Justin, I spent a lot of time doing the dream stuff, taking control 😉 Right now having trouble sleeping at all!
    Now Mel Gibson is an Aussie who behaves like an Aussie, out of control or uncontrollable.
    I hope Robin Williams wasn’t into the scene, or maybe that’s why he popped himself out of existence, and hope Russell Crowe isn’t involved either!
    As far as Booze goes Laura, I’m with you there, can’t mix booze and enthusiasm when around others LOL
    Video games rule my 14yr old son’s life sadly 🙂 Not exactly pacman hahahaha
    I’m thinking Ricky Gervais and his “spilling the beans” in the awards was awesome, and thought of it as similar to what Dwight did in his speech! Can’t STOP ME I’m talking LOL
    So glad you guys are both right into music, I immediately thought of King Crimson and Robin Trower (guitarist from Procal Harum) and then hearing you mention Crimson afterwards Laura, was great – yeah I’m also a Tull and Zepp’lin fan (but gotta say the girls doing Zeppelin… erm yeah Zepperella doing Levee breaks, are the most friggin’ awesome rendtion ever!)
    You listen to Radio man? Wow, it’s been a while for me, I’m usually on YT listening to what I want hahaha, thanks you two for a great interview and a Big Hug to you sister Laura <3 Wish we could spin some vinyl some time 😉 it'd be enjoyable!

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