June 3rd 2021 – Cosmic Gaia with Laura Eisenhower: Roundtable with Kerry Cassidy, Jennifer Eason and Dr. Sharnael


  1. Crave a brussel sprout, eeeewww you’re sick girl lol – just kidding, each to his/her own <3 gotta say tho I do have a love for broccoli which I hated as a kid also (hey my dear late mum had no clue how to cook greens to make them taste good, what can i say.) I once had sprouts cooked by my cousin and they were awesome, something to do with cooking with honey 🙂 Ain't the N word "Naughty"? :*

  2. Thanks ladies what amazing strong passionate group of ladies. Makes me so happy, bringing tears to me. Thank you, thankful for you all.

  3. Love it Laura! Great to see you here…Blessings from Heaven and Earth Sanctuary, Costa Rica home of The Lightworkers Institute

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